Top 4 Slang For %27Because – Meaning & Usage

“Because” is so last season! Dive into our listicle to discover the coolest and most trendy slangs for ‘because’ that will take your language game to the next level. From casual conversations to social media captions, we’ve got you covered with the latest and hippest ways to express causation. Stay ahead of the curve and upgrade your vocabulary with us!

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1. Cause

A shortened version of the word “because,” used to indicate the reason or cause for something.

  • For example, “I couldn’t go to the party cause I had to work.”
  • In a text message, someone might say, “Can’t make it tonight cause I’m not feeling well.”
  • A person might explain, “I didn’t eat dinner cause I wasn’t hungry.”

2. Cos

An abbreviation of the word “because,” commonly used in informal writing or text messaging.

  • For instance, “I can’t come to the meeting cos I have another appointment.”
  • In a chat conversation, someone might say, “I’m not going out tonight cos I’m tired.”
  • A person might write, “I didn’t call you back cos I was busy.”

3. Cuz

A slang spelling of the word “because,” often used in casual conversations or text messages.

  • For example, “I didn’t go to the party cuz I had other plans.”
  • In a discussion about a decision, someone might say, “I chose this option cuz it seemed more practical.”
  • A person might explain, “I didn’t finish the assignment cuz I ran out of time.”

4. Bc

An abbreviation of the word “because,” commonly used in text messaging or social media posts.

  • For instance, “I couldn’t make it to the event bc I had a last-minute conflict.”
  • In a comment on a post, someone might say, “I love this song bc it reminds me of my childhood.”
  • A person might write, “I didn’t respond earlier bc I didn’t see your message.”
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