Top 10 Slang For Believe In – Meaning & Usage

Belief is a powerful force that shapes our thoughts and actions, and having the right slang to express this conviction can make all the difference. Join us as we uncover the diverse and trendy ways people express their “belief in” something. From casual conversations to social media posts, this list will have you feeling in the know and ready to sprinkle some fresh expressions into your daily dialogue. Let’s dive in and explore the dynamic world of slang for believing in.

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1. Buy into

This phrase means to believe or accept a particular idea, concept, or belief. It implies that you are fully convinced or persuaded by something.

  • For example, “I really buy into the idea of sustainable living.”
  • A friend might say, “I don’t buy into the notion that money brings happiness.”
  • In a business context, someone might say, “We need to get the team to buy into the new strategy.”

2. Trust in

To “trust in” means to have faith or confidence in someone or something. It implies a belief that the person or thing will not let you down.

  • For instance, “I trust in my best friend to always be there for me.”
  • A parent might say to their child, “Trust in yourself and your abilities.”
  • In a religious context, someone might say, “I trust in a higher power to guide me.”

3. Back

When you “back” something or someone, it means you support or believe in them. It implies that you are willing to stand up for or defend that person or thing.

  • For example, “I fully back my friend’s decision to pursue their passion.”
  • A sports fan might say, “I always back my team, no matter what.”
  • In a political context, someone might say, “I back this candidate because I believe in their policies.”

4. Put stock in

To “put stock in” means to place trust or confidence in something or someone. It implies that you consider that thing or person to be reliable or worthy of belief.

  • For instance, “I put a lot of stock in my intuition when making decisions.”
  • A colleague might say, “Don’t put too much stock in what the critics say.”
  • In a relationship context, someone might say, “I put stock in my partner’s promises.”

5. Count on

To “count on” means to rely on or have faith in something or someone. It implies a belief that the person or thing will come through for you or fulfill their obligations.

  • For example, “I can always count on my sister to lend me a hand.”
  • A coworker might say, “You can count on me to meet the deadline.”
  • In a friendship context, someone might say, “I know I can count on you to keep my secrets.”

6. Have faith in

To have confidence or trust in someone or something.

  • For example, “I have faith in my team to win the game.”
  • A person might say, “I have faith in my friend to always be there for me.”
  • Another might express, “I have faith in the power of positive thinking.”

7. Swear by

To strongly believe in or rely on something or someone.

  • For instance, “I swear by this brand of skincare products.”
  • A person might say, “I swear by the effectiveness of this home remedy.”
  • Another might claim, “I swear by the benefits of daily exercise.”

8. Bet on

To have confidence or trust in someone or something’s ability or success.

  • For example, “I’m willing to bet on my favorite team to win the championship.”
  • A person might say, “I’m willing to bet on this new restaurant being a success.”
  • Another might express, “I’m willing to bet on my friend’s ability to solve any problem.”

9. Lean on

To depend on someone or something for support or assistance.

  • For instance, “I can always lean on my best friend for emotional support.”
  • A person might say, “During tough times, I lean on my faith for strength.”
  • Another might claim, “I lean on my family for financial support when needed.”

10. Take at one’s word

To accept and trust what someone says without questioning or doubting.

  • For example, “I take my friend at her word when she says she’ll be there.”
  • A person might say, “I take the politician at his word when he promises change.”
  • Another might express, “I take my boss at her word when she says there will be a raise.”
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