Top 26 Slang For Gathering – Meaning & Usage

Gatherings are a universal way for people to come together, connect, and have a good time. But have you ever stopped to think about the slang terms that are used to describe these social events? Our team has done the research and put together a list of the coolest and most popular slang for gatherings that will have you feeling like an insider in no time. So, whether you’re hitting up a party, a hangout, or a shindig, this list has got you covered!

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1. Shindig

A shindig refers to a lively and informal party or social gathering, often involving music, dancing, and merriment.

  • For example, “We’re having a shindig at our place this weekend. Bring your dancing shoes!”
  • A person might say, “Last night’s shindig was a blast. The music was great and everyone had a great time.”
  • Another might invite their friends by saying, “Come join us for a shindig to celebrate my birthday. It’s going to be epic!”

2. Bash

A bash is a term used to describe a large and festive gathering or party, typically characterized by lively music, dancing, and a celebratory atmosphere.

  • For instance, “We’re throwing a summer bash at the beach. Don’t forget your swimsuit!”
  • A person might say, “The New Year’s Eve bash was the party of the year. The whole town showed up!”
  • Another might excitedly exclaim, “I can’t wait for the bash tonight. It’s going to be epic!”

3. Get-together

A get-together refers to a casual gathering of friends or acquaintances, often for the purpose of socializing and spending time together.

  • For example, “Let’s have a small get-together at my place. We can catch up and have some snacks.”
  • A person might say, “We’re planning a family get-together this weekend. It will be nice to see everyone.”
  • Another might suggest, “How about a get-together at the park? We can have a picnic and play some games.”

4. Soiree

A soiree is a French term used to describe an elegant and sophisticated gathering or party, often held in the evening and featuring refined entertainment and social interactions.

  • For instance, “We attended a soiree at the ambassador’s residence. The atmosphere was enchanting.”
  • A person might say, “I’m hosting a small soiree to celebrate my promotion. Dress to impress!”
  • Another might describe a memorable soiree by saying, “The charity gala was a grand soiree, complete with live music and gourmet cuisine.”

5. Rager

A rager is a slang term used to describe a wild and intense party, typically characterized by loud music, dancing, and excessive drinking or revelry.

  • For example, “Last night’s rager was insane. The whole house was shaking!”
  • A person might say, “We’re throwing a rager to celebrate the end of exams. It’s going to be epic!”
  • Another might reminisce about a memorable rager by saying, “That beach party turned into a rager. It was wild from start to finish!”

6. Mixer

A mixer is a social event or party where people come together to meet and interact with new people. It is often organized to facilitate networking or to introduce individuals with similar interests or backgrounds.

  • For example, “I’m going to a mixer tonight to meet some new people and expand my professional network.”
  • A college student might say, “The freshman mixer was a great way to make friends and get to know my classmates.”
  • A partygoer might ask, “Are there any mixers happening this weekend?”

7. Hoedown

A hoedown is a lively country dance party, typically featuring traditional folk music and square dancing. It is often held in rural areas or at country-themed events.

  • For instance, “The local community center is hosting a hoedown this Saturday. Bring your cowboy boots and join the fun!”
  • A country music enthusiast might say, “I love attending hoedowns and dancing to classic country tunes.”
  • Someone reminiscing about a past hoedown might say, “I remember the hoedown we had at the barn. It was a blast!”

8. Jam

A jam refers to an informal musical session where musicians come together to play and improvise music. It can be spontaneous or organized and often involves multiple instruments and genres.

  • For example, “We had a jam session in my friend’s garage last night. Everyone brought their instruments and we played for hours.”
  • A musician might say, “I love jamming with other musicians. It’s a great way to learn and experiment with different styles.”
  • A fan of live music might ask, “Are there any jam nights happening at local bars this week?”

9. Hangout

A hangout refers to a casual gathering of friends or acquaintances where people come together to spend time and socialize. It can take place at someone’s home, a public place, or even virtually.

  • For instance, “We’re having a hangout at my place tonight. Bring some snacks and games!”
  • A teenager might say, “Let’s go hang out at the mall after school.”
  • A friend might invite others by saying, “I’m going to the park for a hangout. Join me if you’re free!”

10. Hootenanny

A hootenanny is a folk music gathering or concert where musicians and music enthusiasts come together to perform and enjoy folk music. It often involves sing-alongs, acoustic instruments, and a relaxed atmosphere.

  • For example, “The local coffee shop is hosting a hootenanny this weekend. Bring your guitar and join the jam!”
  • A folk music fan might say, “I can’t wait to attend the hootenanny and listen to some amazing acoustic performances.”
  • Someone reminiscing about a past hootenanny might say, “I have fond memories of the hootenannies I used to go to in college. The sense of community and love for folk music was incredible!”

11. Meetup

A meetup is an informal gathering or event where people with similar interests or hobbies come together to socialize or engage in a specific activity. It often involves meeting face-to-face with people from online communities or groups.

  • For example, “Let’s have a meetup at the local coffee shop to discuss our favorite books.”
  • A user might post, “Anyone interested in a hiking meetup this weekend?”
  • Another might say, “I attended a meetup for entrepreneurs and made some valuable connections.”

12. Powwow

A powwow refers to a gathering or meeting, often used within Native American and First Nations communities. It is a cultural event that involves dancing, singing, storytelling, and various activities that celebrate and preserve indigenous traditions.

  • For instance, “The annual powwow brought together tribes from across the region.”
  • A person might say, “I attended a powwow and experienced the rich cultural heritage of the Native American community.”
  • Another might share, “The powwow featured traditional drumming and dancing, creating a vibrant atmosphere.”

13. Jamboree

A jamboree is a large, festive gathering or celebration that typically involves music, entertainment, and various activities. It is often associated with youth organizations, such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, where members come together for a fun and memorable experience.

  • For example, “The summer jamboree included live performances, games, and food stalls.”
  • A person might say, “I attended a jamboree and had a blast participating in the outdoor activities.”
  • Another might share, “The jamboree showcased local talent and fostered a sense of community.”

14. Social

Social refers to a gathering or event where people come together to interact, socialize, and engage in activities. It can range from casual hangouts to formal parties and is a broad term that encompasses various types of gatherings.

  • For instance, “Let’s have a social at my place to celebrate the end of the semester.”
  • A person might say, “I enjoy attending socials to meet new people and expand my network.”
  • Another might share, “The company organized a social for employees to bond and relax outside of work.”

15. Gathering

A gathering refers to a group of people coming together for a specific purpose or activity. It can be formal or informal and can range from small intimate gatherings to large-scale events.

  • For example, “The family gathering was filled with laughter and shared memories.”
  • A person might say, “I’m organizing a gathering for like-minded individuals to discuss environmental issues.”
  • Another might share, “The annual gathering of enthusiasts showcased the latest trends and innovations in the industry.”

16. Fiesta

A lively and festive gathering or celebration, often with music, dancing, and food. “Fiesta” is a Spanish term that has been adopted into English to describe a lively and colorful party.

  • For example, “We’re having a fiesta tonight to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!”
  • A person might say, “The neighborhood throws a fiesta every summer with live music and delicious food.”
  • Another might invite friends by saying, “Come join us for a fiesta at our place this weekend!”

17. Wingding

An informal and lively gathering or party, usually characterized by excitement and lots of activity. “Wingding” is slang for a wild and energetic event.

  • For instance, “We had a wingding at the beach last night. It was so much fun!”
  • A person might say, “Let’s throw a wingding for our friend’s birthday. It’ll be a night to remember!”
  • Another might describe a memorable party by saying, “That wingding last weekend was off the charts. The dance floor was packed all night!”

18. Fete

A formal or elaborate gathering or party, often held to honor a person or commemorate a special occasion. “Fete” is a French term that conveys a sense of elegance and sophistication.

  • For example, “The company’s annual fete was a grand affair with gourmet food and live entertainment.”
  • A person might say, “We’re hosting a fete to celebrate our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. It’s going to be a black-tie event.”
  • Another might describe a charity gala by saying, “The fete was a huge success, raising thousands of dollars for a worthy cause.”

19. BBQ

A gathering or party where food, usually meat, is cooked on a grill or barbecue. “BBQ” is a popular term for outdoor cooking and socializing.

  • For instance, “We’re having a BBQ in the backyard this weekend. Bring your appetite!”
  • A person might say, “I love attending BBQs during the summer. The smell of grilled food is irresistible.”
  • Another might invite friends by saying, “Join us for a BBQ at the park. We’ll have burgers, hot dogs, and all the fixings!”

20. Hang

An informal gathering or social event where friends or acquaintances spend time together and engage in casual activities or conversations. “Hang” is a slang term often used to describe a relaxed and low-key gathering.

  • For example, “Let’s have a hang at my place tonight. We can order pizza and watch movies.”
  • A person might say, “We had a great hang at the beach last weekend. We played volleyball and had a picnic.”
  • Another might invite friends by saying, “Come over for a hang this Saturday. We’ll have board games and snacks!”

21. Chill sesh

A “chill sesh” refers to a relaxed gathering or get-together where people hang out, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company.

  • For example, “Let’s have a chill sesh at my place tonight and watch movies.”
  • A friend might invite you by saying, “Hey, we’re having a chill sesh at the park tomorrow. You should come!”
  • When describing a laid-back event, someone might say, “It was just a small chill sesh with a few close friends.”

22. Kickback

A “kickback” is a casual gathering or party where people come together to relax, socialize, and have a good time.

  • For instance, “We’re having a kickback at our place this weekend. Feel free to drop by!”
  • Someone might ask, “Are you going to the kickback tonight? I heard it’s going to be fun.”
  • When describing a low-key event, a person might say, “It’s not a big party, just a small kickback with some friends.”

23. Chill session

A “chill session” refers to a relaxed gathering or hangout where people come together to unwind, have conversations, and enjoy each other’s company.

  • For example, “Let’s have a chill session at the beach and watch the sunset.”
  • A friend might ask, “Are you up for a chill session at the coffee shop later?”
  • When describing a laid-back event, someone might say, “It’s just a chill session with some music and good vibes.”

24. Mingle

To “mingle” means to socialize or interact with others in a casual and friendly manner at a gathering or event.

  • For instance, “Don’t be shy, go mingle and meet new people at the party.”
  • Someone might say, “I enjoy mingling with different groups of friends and getting to know new people.”
  • When describing a networking event, a person might say, “It’s a great opportunity to mingle with professionals in your field.”

25. Happening

“Happening” is a slang term used to describe an event or gathering that is exciting, lively, or interesting.

  • For example, “The party at John’s place was a happening. There was music, dancing, and lots of energy.”
  • Someone might ask, “What’s happening this weekend? Any fun events or parties?”
  • When describing a lively gathering, a person might say, “It’s going to be a happening with live performances and great food.”

26. Socialize

To engage in social activities or interact with others in a casual and friendly manner. “Socialize” is a versatile term that can refer to attending parties, events, or simply spending time with friends or acquaintances.

  • For example, a friend might invite you to a party and say, “Come socialize with us!”
  • In a conversation about weekend plans, someone might say, “I just want to relax and socialize with friends.”
  • A person who is more introverted might express their reluctance to socialize by saying, “I prefer to stay home and read a book rather than go out and socialize.”
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