Top 24 Slang For Get-Together – Meaning & Usage

Getting together with friends and loved ones is always a good time, but sometimes it’s fun to spice things up with a little slang for get-together. Whether you’re planning a party, a casual hangout, or a chill night in, we’ve got you covered with a list of the trendiest and most popular slang terms to make your gathering extra special. From “shindig” to “soiree,” we’ve got the perfect word to add some flair to your next get-together. So, grab your friends and get ready to have a blast with our ultimate guide to slang for get-together!

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1. Shindig

A lively or festive gathering, typically involving music, dancing, and socializing. “Shindig” is a slang term often used to describe a fun and energetic party or get-together.

  • For example, “We’re having a shindig at our place this weekend, you should come!”
  • A person might say, “Last night’s shindig was epic, there was dancing and laughter all night long.”
  • When talking about weekend plans, someone might ask, “Any shindigs happening around town?”

2. Bash

A large and lively social event or party. “Bash” is a colloquial term often used to describe a fun and festive gathering where people come together to celebrate.

  • For instance, “We’re throwing a birthday bash for Sarah next week, it’s going to be a blast!”
  • A person might say, “The New Year’s Eve bash was the highlight of the year, everyone had a great time.”
  • When discussing party ideas, someone might suggest, “Let’s have a beach bash and enjoy the sun and sand.”

3. Soiree

A fancy or formal gathering, typically held in the evening. “Soiree” is a French word that has been adopted into English and is often used to describe a sophisticated and elegant get-together.

  • For example, “We’re hosting a soiree at our mansion next month, it’s going to be a night to remember.”
  • A person might say, “Attending a soiree is a great opportunity to dress up and socialize with interesting people.”
  • When discussing plans for the weekend, someone might ask, “Are there any soirees happening in town?”

4. Rager

A wild and energetic party, typically involving loud music, dancing, and excessive drinking. “Rager” is a slang term often used to describe a high-energy and unforgettable party or get-together.

  • For instance, “Last night’s rager was insane, the music was pumping and the crowd was going wild!”
  • A person might say, “We’re throwing a graduation rager next week, it’s going to be the party of the year.”
  • When talking about memorable experiences, someone might say, “I’ll never forget the ragers we had in college, those were some crazy times.”

5. Hangout

A casual and relaxed get-together where people come together to socialize and spend time together. “Hangout” is a colloquial term often used to describe a laid-back and informal gathering.

  • For example, “Let’s have a hangout at the park this weekend, we can have a picnic and play some frisbee.”
  • A person might say, “We used to have regular hangouts at our favorite coffee shop, just chatting and enjoying each other’s company.”
  • When discussing plans for the evening, someone might suggest, “How about a movie night hangout at my place?”

6. Mixer

A mixer is a casual social gathering where people come together to meet and mingle. It often involves music, drinks, and conversation.

  • For example, “Let’s go to the mixer tonight and meet some new people.”
  • A person might say, “I had a great time at the mixer last night. I made a lot of new friends.”
  • Another might ask, “Are you going to the mixer tomorrow? I heard there will be live music.”

7. Hoedown

A hoedown is a lively country dance party with traditional music and dancing. It is often held in a barn or outdoor setting.

  • For instance, “We’re having a hoedown this weekend. Bring your cowboy boots and join us for some line dancing.”
  • A person might say, “I love going to hoedowns. The music and energy are always amazing.”
  • Another might ask, “Do you know any good hoedown songs? I want to practice my square dancing.”

8. Jam session

A jam session is an informal gathering of musicians who come together to play and improvise music. It is often characterized by its relaxed and spontaneous nature.

  • For example, “We’re having a jam session in our garage tonight. Bring your instrument and join us.”
  • A musician might say, “I love jam sessions. It’s a great way to collaborate with other musicians and explore new musical ideas.”
  • Another might ask, “Are there any rules for a jam session? Can anyone join in and play?”

9. Chill sesh

A chill sesh is a relaxed and laid-back get-together where friends hang out and enjoy each other’s company. It often involves casual conversation, watching movies, or playing games.

  • For instance, “Let’s have a chill sesh at my place tonight. We can order pizza and watch our favorite TV show.”
  • A person might say, “I had a great time at the chill sesh last night. We laughed and talked for hours.”
  • Another might ask, “What should we bring to the chill sesh? Should we bring snacks or drinks?”

10. House party

A house party is a social gathering held at someone’s house, usually with a large number of guests. It often involves music, dancing, and socializing.

  • For example, “We’re throwing a house party this weekend. Come over and bring your friends.”
  • A person might say, “The house party last night was epic. There were so many people and the music was amazing.”
  • Another might ask, “Is it okay to bring a plus one to the house party? I want to bring my boyfriend.”

11. Hangout sesh

A “hangout sesh” refers to a relaxed and informal get-together with friends or acquaintances. It usually involves spending time together, chatting, and enjoying each other’s company.

  • For example, “Let’s have a hangout sesh at my place this weekend and watch some movies.”
  • A teenager might say, “I had a great hangout sesh with my friends at the mall yesterday.”
  • Someone might ask, “Anyone up for a hangout sesh at the park later?”

12. Kickback

A “kickback” is a laid-back gathering or party, often held at someone’s home or a casual setting. It typically involves hanging out, relaxing, and enjoying each other’s company in a low-key atmosphere.

  • For instance, “We’re having a kickback at my place tonight. Just bring some snacks and drinks.”
  • A college student might say, “Let’s organize a kickback in the dorm common room this weekend.”
  • Someone might invite others by saying, “Join us for a chill kickback by the beach this Saturday.”

13. Huddle

A “huddle” refers to a small and intimate gathering of people, often for a specific purpose or discussion. It implies closeness and a sense of unity among the participants.

  • For example, “Let’s have a huddle to discuss our marketing strategy for the upcoming project.”
  • During a family gathering, someone might suggest, “Why don’t we have a huddle and share our favorite memories of grandma?”
  • In a team sports setting, a coach might say, “Let’s huddle up and go over our game plan for the second half.”

14. Social

The term “social” is used as a slang for a general get-together or gathering of people in a social setting. It can refer to a variety of events, from parties to meetings, where people come together for interaction and enjoyment.

  • For instance, “We’re having a social at the community center to celebrate the end of the year.”
  • A friend might invite you by saying, “Come to the social tonight. It’s going to be a lot of fun!”
  • Someone might mention, “I attended a social last week and met some interesting people.”

15. Get-together

A “get-together” simply refers to an informal gathering of people, where they meet up to spend time together and catch up on each other’s lives. It can be used as a general term for any type of social gathering.

  • For example, “Let’s plan a get-together at the park this weekend and have a picnic.”
  • Friends might say, “We should have a get-together soon. It’s been a while since we all hung out.”
  • Someone might suggest, “We can have a small get-together at my place. Just bring some snacks and drinks.”

16. BBQ

This refers to a social gathering or party where food, usually grilled or smoked, is served. It can also refer to the act of grilling or smoking food.

  • For instance, “Let’s have a BBQ at my place this weekend!”
  • A person might say, “I’m craving some BBQ ribs.”
  • Someone might ask, “Who’s bringing the BBQ sauce?”

17. Chill session

This term describes a casual and laid-back get-together where people hang out, chat, and enjoy each other’s company without any particular agenda or activity.

  • For example, “Let’s have a chill session at the park tomorrow.”
  • A person might say, “I love having chill sessions with my friends, just talking and laughing.”
  • Someone might invite others by saying, “Come over for a chill session, we’ll order pizza and watch movies.”

18. Throwdown

This slang term refers to a lively and energetic party or gathering, often involving music, dancing, and a lot of excitement.

  • For instance, “That party last night was a total throwdown!”
  • A person might say, “I’m in the mood to throw a throwdown at my place this weekend.”
  • Someone might invite others by saying, “Get ready for a wild throwdown tonight, it’s gonna be epic!”

19. Mingle

To mingle means to mix and interact with other people at a social event or gathering. It involves moving around and engaging in conversations with different individuals.

  • For example, “Don’t just stand there, go mingle with the guests!”
  • A person might say, “I’m not very good at mingling, I always feel awkward.”
  • Someone might give advice by saying, “Try to mingle with people you don’t know, it can lead to interesting conversations.”

20. Fête

This term refers to a festive celebration or party, often characterized by lively music, dancing, and a joyful atmosphere.

  • For instance, “Let’s have a fête to celebrate our team’s victory!”
  • A person might say, “I’m organizing a summer fête in my backyard, everyone is invited.”
  • Someone might ask, “What’s the dress code for the fête?”

21. Fest

A fest is a short form for a festival, which is a large-scale event or celebration that brings people together for a specific purpose or theme. It often involves music, food, and various forms of entertainment.

  • For example, “Are you going to the music fest this weekend?”
  • A person might say, “I love attending beer fests and trying different brews.”
  • Another might invite friends by saying, “Let’s go to the summer fest and enjoy the outdoor activities.”

22. Hang

To hang means to spend time together in a casual and relaxed manner. It can refer to simply being in each other’s company or engaging in activities together.

  • For instance, “Do you want to hang out at the mall later?”
  • A person might say, “We should hang sometime and catch up.”
  • Another might suggest, “Let’s hang at my place and watch movies.”

23. Socialize

To socialize means to interact with others in a social setting. It involves engaging in conversation, building relationships, and participating in group activities.

  • For example, “I enjoy socializing at parties and meeting new people.”
  • A person might say, “Let’s go to the networking event and socialize with professionals.”
  • Another might comment, “Socializing with friends is a great way to unwind and have fun.”

24. Rendezvous

A rendezvous is a planned meeting or get-together between individuals. It often implies a romantic or secretive encounter, but can also refer to any planned meeting.

  • For instance, “Let’s have a rendezvous at the park tomorrow.”
  • A person might say, “I’m excited for our rendezvous at the coffee shop.”
  • Another might suggest, “We should plan a rendezvous and surprise our friends.”
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