Top 6 Slang For Hand In Hand – Meaning & Usage

When it comes to expressing unity and togetherness, nothing quite captures the essence like the phrase “hand in hand.” But did you know there are various slang terms that convey this sentiment in a more casual and trendy way? Our team at Fluentslang has gathered the top slang expressions that embody the concept of solidarity and companionship, so get ready to expand your vocabulary and stay in the know with the latest ways to say “hand in hand.” Let’s dive in and explore the fun world of slang together!

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1. Side by side

This phrase describes two or more things or people that are positioned next to each other or are cooperating towards a common goal.

  • For example, “The two friends walked side by side along the beach.”
  • In a team project, someone might say, “Let’s work side by side to finish this task.”
  • A coach might encourage their players by saying, “We need to stand side by side and support each other on the field.”

2. Arm in arm

This expression refers to two or more people who are holding each other’s arms, indicating a close bond or partnership.

  • For instance, “The couple walked arm in arm through the park.”
  • In a political rally, supporters might march arm in arm to show solidarity.
  • Friends attending a concert might sway arm in arm to the music.

3. Together

This word signifies a state of being with others, often used to describe harmonious collaboration or shared experiences.

  • For example, “Let’s work together to achieve our goals.”
  • A parent might say, “We can get through this tough time together.”
  • In a team sport, a coach might instruct their players, “We win together and lose together.”

4. Unified

This term refers to the act of coming together or being joined as a cohesive whole, often used to describe a group or organization.

  • For instance, “The team was unified in their mission to win the championship.”
  • In politics, a leader might call for a unified front to address a national crisis.
  • A teacher might say, “We need a unified effort from all students to make this project successful.”

5. In sync

This phrase describes two or more things or people that are in harmony or working together smoothly.

  • For example, “The dancers moved in sync with the music.”
  • In a musical band, the members need to be in sync to create a cohesive sound.
  • A coach might say, “We need our offense and defense to be in sync for a successful play.”

6. In concert

This phrase is used to describe actions or events that are done together or in agreement with someone or something else.

  • For example, “The two teams are working in concert to achieve their common goal.”
  • A teacher might say, “Let’s all work in concert to clean up the classroom.”
  • In a business meeting, a manager might say, “We need all departments to work in concert to meet the deadline.”
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