Top 26 Slang For Host – Meaning & Usage

Hosting a party or event and want to sound cool and in-the-know? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with the latest and trendiest slang for hosts. Whether you’re throwing a shindig or a soirée, this listicle is your go-to guide for impressing your guests and keeping the vibe on point. Get ready to level up your hosting game with our curated selection of must-know host slangs.

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1. MC

The MC is the person who serves as the host or presenter of an event or performance. They are responsible for introducing performers, engaging the audience, and keeping the event running smoothly.

  • For example, at a concert, the MC might say, “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our next performer.”
  • In a comedy show, the MC might interact with the audience and make jokes between acts.
  • A person organizing a talent show might ask, “Do we have an MC to introduce the acts?”

2. Emcee

“Emcee” is an alternative spelling of “MC” and is used interchangeably. It refers to the person who hosts or presents an event or performance.

  • For instance, at a wedding reception, the emcee might announce, “It’s time for the first dance.”
  • In a fashion show, the emcee might describe the outfits and introduce the models.
  • A person attending a conference might ask, “Who’s the emcee for today’s sessions?”

3. Presenter

A presenter is someone who introduces and speaks about a topic or presents information to an audience. They are responsible for delivering content in an engaging and informative manner.

  • For example, in a business meeting, a presenter might share slides and discuss the company’s financial results.
  • In a TED Talk, the presenter might deliver a speech on a specific topic.
  • A teacher might be a presenter when giving a lecture to their students.

4. Hostess with the mostess

This phrase is used to describe someone who is an exceptional host. It emphasizes their ability to make guests feel welcome and ensure they have a great time.

  • For instance, at a party, someone might say, “She’s the hostess with the mostess. She knows how to throw a great event.”
  • In a restaurant review, a critic might write, “The hostess with the mostess made us feel like VIPs.”
  • A person attending a dinner party might compliment the host by saying, “You’re truly the hostess with the mostess.”

5. Showrunner

A showrunner is the person who oversees the production of a television show or series. They are responsible for making creative decisions, managing the writing staff, and ensuring the show’s vision is realized.

  • For example, in a TV interview, the host might ask, “What made you want to become a showrunner?”
  • In a discussion about popular TV shows, someone might say, “The showrunner of that series really knows how to keep viewers engaged.”
  • A person interested in a career in television might inquire, “What does it take to become a showrunner?”

6. Compere

A compere is a person who acts as the host or presenter of an event, often introducing speakers or performers and keeping the event running smoothly. The term “compere” is commonly used in British English.

  • For example, at a comedy show, the compere might say, “Please welcome our first comedian of the night.”
  • A compere at a wedding might announce, “Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses for the newlyweds.”
  • In a talent show, the compere might ask the audience, “Are you ready for our next incredible act?”

7. Anchor

An anchor is a person who serves as the main host or presenter of a television or radio program. They are responsible for introducing segments, conducting interviews, and providing commentary.

  • For instance, on a news program, the anchor might say, “Good evening, and welcome to tonight’s broadcast.”
  • An anchor on a talk show might ask a guest, “Tell us about your latest project.”
  • During a live event, the anchor might provide updates and commentary, saying, “And now, let’s see how the home team is doing.”

8. Ringmaster

A ringmaster is the host or presenter of a circus, responsible for introducing acts, engaging the audience, and maintaining the flow of the show. The term “ringmaster” is specifically used in the context of a circus.

  • For example, a ringmaster might say, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the greatest show on Earth!”
  • During a circus performance, the ringmaster might introduce a daring acrobatic act, saying, “Prepare to be amazed by these talented performers.”
  • A ringmaster might interact with the audience, asking, “Who’s ready to see some incredible feats of strength?”

9. VJ

A VJ is a host or presenter of a music video program, typically on television. The term “VJ” originated in the 1980s when MTV popularized the format of playing music videos with hosts providing commentary and introducing videos.

  • For instance, a VJ might say, “Up next, we have the latest music video from a rising star.”
  • During a countdown of the top music videos, a VJ might announce, “And at number one, we have the hottest track of the week.”
  • A VJ might interview a musician, asking, “Tell us about the inspiration behind your latest music video.”

10. Game show host

A game show host is the person who presides over a game show, guiding contestants, explaining rules, and facilitating gameplay. The host is responsible for maintaining the energy and excitement of the show.

  • For example, a game show host might say, “Welcome to ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ Let’s meet our first contestant.”
  • During a trivia game, the host might ask a question, saying, “In what year did the United States declare independence?”
  • A game show host might interact with contestants, asking, “Do you have any strategy for the next round?”

11. Talk show host

A talk show host is a television personality who hosts a show that features interviews, discussions, and often includes audience participation.

  • For example, “Jimmy Fallon is a popular talk show host known for his comedic interviews.”
  • A viewer might say, “I love watching talk show hosts like Ellen DeGeneres because they always have interesting guests.”
  • In a discussion about late-night television, someone might mention, “The talk show host sets the tone for the entire show and determines the flow of the conversation.”

12. Radio jockey

A radio jockey, also known as an RJ, is a person who hosts a radio show and is responsible for playing music, providing commentary, and engaging with listeners.

  • For instance, “The radio jockey on the morning show always keeps me entertained during my commute.”
  • A listener might call in to request a song and say, “Hey, radio jockey, can you play my favorite track?”
  • In a discussion about radio personalities, someone might mention, “The radio jockey’s voice and personality can make or break a show.”

13. Podcast host

A podcast host is the person who leads and facilitates a podcast, which is an audio program that can cover various topics and is typically available for streaming or download.

  • For example, “Joe Rogan is a popular podcast host known for his long-form interviews.”
  • A listener might say, “I enjoy listening to podcast hosts who have engaging conversations with their guests.”
  • In a discussion about the rise of podcasts, someone might mention, “The podcast host plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming and informative atmosphere for listeners.”

14. Quizmaster

A quizmaster is a person who hosts a quiz or trivia game, asking questions and facilitating the competition.

  • For instance, “The quizmaster at the pub trivia night always comes up with challenging questions.”
  • A participant might say, “The quizmaster did a great job keeping the game fun and engaging.”
  • In a discussion about game shows, someone might mention, “The quizmaster’s energy and charisma can make the show entertaining for the audience.”

15. Frontman

A frontman is the lead singer or spokesperson for a musical group or band. They often take center stage and engage with the audience.

  • For example, “Freddie Mercury was the charismatic frontman of the band Queen.”
  • A fan might say, “The frontman’s stage presence can make or break a live performance.”
  • In a discussion about rock bands, someone might mention, “The frontman’s role goes beyond singing; they are responsible for connecting with the audience and creating a memorable experience.”

16. Mistress of ceremonies

The term “Mistress of Ceremonies” refers to a female host who presides over an event or program. It is often shortened to “MC.”

  • For example, at a wedding reception, the Mistress of Ceremonies might introduce the couple and keep the program running smoothly.
  • In a talent show, the MC might announce each performer and engage with the audience.
  • A conference might have a Mistress of Ceremonies who introduces the keynote speakers and manages the schedule.
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17. Commentator

A commentator is someone who provides commentary or analysis during a live event, such as a sports game or a news program. They often serve as hosts, providing context and insight to the audience.

  • For instance, during a soccer match, the commentator might describe the action and offer insights into the strategies of the teams.
  • In a political debate, the commentator might provide analysis and fact-check the statements made by the participants.
  • A commentator in a cooking show might explain the techniques used by the chef and share interesting trivia about the ingredients.

18. Hostess

The term “Hostess” refers to a female host who welcomes guests and ensures their comfort and enjoyment during an event. It is also commonly referred to as an “Emcee.”

  • For example, at a dinner party, the hostess might greet each guest and introduce them to one another.
  • In a talk show, the hostess might engage with the audience, ask questions, and facilitate discussions.
  • A charity event might have a hostess who introduces the cause and encourages attendees to donate.

19. Compère

The term “Compère” is derived from the French word for “master.” It refers to a host who presides over a performance or event, often with humor and wit.

  • For instance, in a comedy show, the compère might warm up the audience, introduce the comedians, and keep the energy high throughout the night.
  • In a talent show, the compère might interact with the contestants and entertain the audience between acts.
  • A variety show might have a compère who introduces each act and engages with the audience.

20. Moderator

A moderator is someone who facilitates a discussion or debate by ensuring that all participants have a chance to speak and that the conversation remains respectful and productive.

  • For example, in an online forum, a moderator might enforce the rules, remove spam or offensive content, and guide the conversation.
  • In a panel discussion, the moderator might ask questions, manage the time, and ensure that each panelist has an opportunity to share their perspective.
  • A town hall meeting might have a moderator who keeps the discussion focused, prevents interruptions, and encourages audience participation.
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21. Event emcee

An event emcee is the person responsible for hosting and managing the flow of an event or ceremony. They introduce speakers, make announcements, and engage the audience to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

  • For example, at a wedding, the event emcee might say, “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the newlyweds!”
  • During a corporate event, the emcee might announce, “Our next speaker is an expert in marketing strategies.”
  • A skilled event emcee knows how to captivate the audience and keep the energy high throughout the event.

22. Gala host

A gala host is the person in charge of overseeing and leading a formal or prestigious event. They ensure that everything runs smoothly and that guests have an enjoyable experience.

  • For instance, at a charity gala, the host might say, “Thank you all for joining us tonight to support this important cause.”
  • During a fundraising gala, the host might announce, “Our next auction item is a luxury vacation package.”
  • A gala host is responsible for setting the tone of the event and creating a memorable atmosphere.

23. Party host

A party host is someone who organizes and hosts social gatherings or celebrations. They are responsible for creating a fun and welcoming environment for guests.

  • For example, the party host might say, “Welcome everyone! Let’s have a great time tonight!”
  • During a birthday party, the host might lead a group sing-along and say, “Now let’s all sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the birthday boy/girl!”
  • A good party host knows how to keep the energy up, make everyone feel included, and ensure that guests have a memorable experience.

24. Function host

A function host is someone who oversees and manages a specific event or gathering. They ensure that everything runs smoothly and that guests have a positive experience.

  • For instance, at a corporate function, the host might say, “Thank you all for attending. We have a great lineup of speakers for today.”
  • During a networking function, the host might introduce guests to each other and facilitate connections.
  • A function host is responsible for creating a welcoming and organized atmosphere, ensuring that the event achieves its goals.
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25. Gathering host

A gathering host is someone who organizes and manages social gatherings or get-togethers. They are responsible for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests.

  • For example, the gathering host might say, “Welcome everyone! Help yourselves to food and drinks.”
  • During a casual gathering, the host might suggest games or activities to keep guests entertained.
  • A good gathering host knows how to bring people together, make everyone feel comfortable, and create a sense of community.

26. Podcaster

A podcaster is someone who creates and hosts a podcast. They are responsible for producing and delivering audio or video content to their audience.

  • For example, “I love listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast. He’s a great podcaster.”
  • A podcaster might say, “In today’s episode, we have a special guest joining us.”
  • Another podcaster might promote their show by saying, “Tune in to my podcast to hear the latest news and interviews.”