Top 4 Slang For Implies – Meaning & Usage

When it comes to communicating subtly and implying without saying outright, having the right slang for implies can be a game-changer. Our team at Fluentslang has done the legwork to uncover the most effective and trendy phrases that will take your conversations to the next level. Get ready to up your communication game and impress your friends with our curated list of slang for implies.

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1. Suggests

This term is used to indicate that something is being implied or hinted at without directly stating it. It suggests a possible meaning or interpretation.

  • For example, if someone says, “He suggested that she might be lying,” it implies that he thinks she is not telling the truth.
  • In a conversation about a recent promotion, someone might say, “His behavior suggests that he’s angling for a raise.”
  • A teacher might tell a student, “Your essay suggests that you have a deep understanding of the topic.”

2. Hint at

To hint at something is to indirectly suggest or imply it. It involves giving a clue or suggestion without explicitly stating the intended meaning.

  • For instance, if someone says, “She hinted at a surprise party,” it implies that there might be a surprise party planned.
  • In a conversation about a secret, one person might say, “I can’t tell you directly, but I can hint at it.”
  • A writer might use subtle imagery in a story to hint at a deeper theme or meaning.

3. Insinuate

To insinuate is to imply or suggest something indirectly, often with a negative or derogatory connotation. It involves subtly hinting at a particular meaning or interpretation.

  • For example, if someone says, “He insinuated that she was involved in the scandal,” it implies that he believes she was involved, but without directly accusing her.
  • In a conversation about someone’s behavior, one person might say, “He insinuated that I was lying, but I was telling the truth.”
  • A journalist might write an article that insinuates corruption within a political organization.
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4. Allude to

To allude to something is to indirectly refer to it or suggest it without explicitly mentioning it. It involves making a subtle or indirect reference to a particular subject or idea.

  • For instance, if someone says, “He alluded to his troubled past,” it implies that he mentioned or hinted at his troubled past without going into detail.
  • In a conversation about a famous book, one person might say, “The author alludes to Shakespearean themes throughout the novel.”
  • A speaker might allude to a historical event to make a point about current events.