Top 29 Slang For Improved – Meaning & Usage

Looking to up your slang game? Look no further! We’ve gathered an impressive collection of slang terms for improved conversations that will have you speaking like a pro in no time. Whether you want to impress your friends or just stay up to date with the latest trends, this list has got you covered. Get ready to level up your vocabulary and take your conversations to the next level!

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1. Upgraded

This term refers to making improvements to something, often by adding new features or enhancing its performance. It can be used to describe anything from technology to personal skills.

  • For example, “I just upgraded my phone to the latest model.”
  • A gamer might say, “I upgraded my character’s armor and now I’m unstoppable.”
  • Someone discussing their career might mention, “I upgraded my skills by taking a professional development course.”

2. Levelled up

This slang phrase comes from video games, where players earn experience points to progress to higher levels. It is now used to describe personal growth or improvement in any area of life.

  • For instance, “I levelled up my cooking skills by mastering a new recipe.”
  • A fitness enthusiast might say, “I levelled up my workouts by increasing the weight.”
  • Someone discussing their career might mention, “I levelled up by taking on more responsibilities and completing challenging projects.”

3. Stepped up

This phrase means to take action or make an effort to improve a situation or oneself. It implies going above and beyond what is expected or required.

  • For example, “I stepped up my game and aced the exam.”
  • A team leader might say, “I stepped up and took charge of the project when my colleague was absent.”
  • Someone discussing their personal growth might mention, “I stepped up my self-care routine by prioritizing my mental and physical well-being.”

4. Amped up

This slang term means to increase the intensity or excitement of something. It can be used to describe making improvements to a situation or adding energy to a particular activity.

  • For instance, “We amped up the party by hiring a live band.”
  • A person discussing their workout routine might say, “I amped up my cardio by adding sprints.”
  • Someone describing their performance at a competition might mention, “I amped up my focus and gave it my all.”

5. Ramped up

This phrase means to raise or elevate the level or intensity of something. It can be used to describe making improvements or increasing the speed, volume, or intensity of a particular activity.

  • For example, “We ramped up production to meet the high demand.”
  • A person discussing their training regimen might say, “I ramped up my workouts to prepare for the marathon.”
  • Someone describing their efforts to improve a skill might mention, “I ramped up my practice sessions to become a better musician.”

6. Boosted

This term refers to something that has been increased or enhanced to a higher level. It can be used to describe improvements in various aspects of life or performance.

  • For example, “I just got a boosted Wi-Fi signal in my house, so now I can stream movies without any buffering.”
  • In a fitness context, someone might say, “I took a pre-workout supplement and it really boosted my energy for the workout.”
  • A gamer might comment, “I upgraded my graphics card and now my gaming experience is boosted to a whole new level.”

7. Polished

To polish something means to make it better, smoother, or more elegant. It can be used to describe improvements in skills, appearance, or any other area that requires refinement.

  • For instance, “After months of practice, she finally polished her dance routine and performed flawlessly.”
  • In a professional setting, someone might say, “I spent hours polishing my presentation to make sure it was clear and engaging.”
  • A writer might comment, “The editor helped me polish my article, making it more concise and impactful.”

8. Perfected

This term is used to describe something that has been improved to the highest possible standard, with no flaws or imperfections. It implies that the item or action has reached its ideal state.

  • For example, “She perfected her recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and now they are absolutely delicious.”
  • In a creative context, someone might say, “After countless revisions, the artist finally perfected the painting, capturing every detail.”
  • A musician might comment, “The band practiced for months to perfect their performance, and it was worth it.”

9. Enhanced

To enhance something means to improve or augment it, often by adding something extra or making it more effective. It can be used to describe improvements in technology, products, or any other area that has been made better.

  • For instance, “The new software update enhanced the functionality of my smartphone.”
  • In a beauty context, someone might say, “I used an enhanced moisturizer that made my skin feel incredibly soft and hydrated.”
  • A photographer might comment, “I enhanced the colors in this photo to make it more vibrant and eye-catching.”

10. Elevated

This term refers to something that has been raised to a higher level or improved in status, quality, or importance. It can be used to describe improvements in mood, position, or any other aspect of life.

  • For example, “After receiving positive feedback, her confidence was elevated and she felt ready to take on new challenges.”
  • In a career context, someone might say, “Getting a promotion elevated him to a higher position within the company.”
  • A traveler might comment, “The beautiful scenery and peaceful atmosphere of the mountain hike elevated my spirits.”

11. Fine-tuned

This term refers to making small adjustments or refinements to improve the performance or effectiveness of something. It suggests that the original version was already good, but needed some fine-tuning to reach its full potential.

  • For example, a car enthusiast might say, “I spent hours fine-tuning the engine to get the perfect balance of power and fuel efficiency.”
  • A musician might explain, “I fine-tuned the melody to make it more catchy and memorable.”
  • A chef might say, “I fine-tuned the recipe by adjusting the seasoning and cooking time for a more flavorful dish.”

12. Augmented

This term refers to improving or enhancing something by adding to it or making it larger. It suggests that the original version was good, but the augmentation takes it to a higher level.

  • For instance, a technology enthusiast might say, “The augmented reality feature in this app enhances the user experience.”
  • A writer might explain, “I augmented the story by adding more descriptive details and subplots.”
  • A fitness trainer might say, “We augmented the workout routine by incorporating new exercises to target different muscle groups.”

13. Optimized

This term refers to making something as efficient or effective as possible. It suggests that the original version had room for improvement and the optimization process maximizes its potential.

  • For example, a computer programmer might say, “I optimized the code to reduce processing time and improve overall performance.”
  • A business owner might explain, “We optimized our supply chain to minimize costs and maximize productivity.”
  • A gardener might say, “I optimized the watering schedule to ensure the plants receive the right amount of moisture.”

14. Revamped

This term refers to making significant changes or improvements to something, often involving a complete redesign or overhaul. It suggests that the original version needed a fresh start or a new approach.

  • For instance, a fashion designer might say, “I revamped my entire collection to reflect the latest trends.”
  • A website developer might explain, “We revamped the website’s layout and navigation to improve user experience.”
  • A homeowner might say, “We revamped our kitchen by replacing outdated appliances and installing new cabinets.”

15. Ameliorated

This term refers to improving or upgrading something to make it better or more favorable. It suggests that the original version had flaws or room for improvement, and the amelioration process addresses those issues.

  • For example, a teacher might say, “I ameliorated the lesson plan by incorporating more interactive activities.”
  • A community organizer might explain, “We ameliorated the neighborhood park by adding new playground equipment and picnic areas.”
  • A therapist might say, “Through counseling, we aim to ameliorate the client’s mental well-being and overall quality of life.”

16. Advanced

This term is used to describe something that has progressed beyond its basic or initial state. It implies that the thing in question has undergone significant improvement or development.

  • For example, a technology enthusiast might say, “The new smartphone features advanced facial recognition technology.”
  • In a discussion about education, someone might mention, “The school offers advanced placement courses for high-achieving students.”
  • A gamer might comment, “The game’s advanced graphics make it incredibly realistic.”

17. Refined

When something is refined, it means that it has been improved by making subtle changes and enhancements. It suggests that the thing in question has become more sophisticated, elegant, or precise.

  • For instance, a chef might describe a dish as “refined” to indicate that it has been perfected through careful adjustments of flavors and presentation.
  • In the world of fashion, a designer might say, “The collection showcases refined silhouettes and exquisite craftsmanship.”
  • A writer might edit their work to ensure it is refined, saying, “I need to refine this paragraph to make it flow better.”

18. Amended

To amend something means to make changes or corrections in order to improve it. This term often implies that there was an error or flaw that needed to be addressed.

  • For example, a lawmaker might propose an amended version of a bill to address concerns raised by the public.
  • In a legal context, a contract might be amended to include additional terms or clarification.
  • A student might say, “I need to amend my essay to fix some grammatical errors.”

19. Overhauled

When something is overhauled, it means that it has been completely reworked or renovated in order to improve its performance, functionality, or appearance. This term suggests a significant and thorough improvement.

  • For instance, a car enthusiast might say, “I overhauled the engine to increase its horsepower.”
  • In the context of a business, a company might undergo an overhaul to restructure its operations and improve efficiency.
  • A homeowner might decide to overhaul their kitchen to update the design and add modern appliances.
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20. Modernized

To modernize something means to bring it up to date with current trends, technologies, or standards. It implies that the thing in question has been improved by incorporating modern elements or features.

  • For example, a city might modernize its public transportation system by introducing electric buses and mobile ticketing.
  • In the field of architecture, a building might undergo modernization to incorporate sustainable design principles and energy-efficient systems.
  • A technology company might release a modernized version of a popular gadget with new features and a sleek design.

21. Transformed

When something or someone undergoes a significant change or improvement.

  • For example, “After attending therapy, she transformed her life and became more confident.”
  • A person might say, “I transformed my diet and lost 30 pounds.”
  • In a business context, someone might say, “The company transformed its operations to increase efficiency and profitability.”

22. Upbeat

When someone or something has a positive and lively attitude or atmosphere.

  • For instance, “She always has an upbeat personality and brings joy to those around her.”
  • A person might say, “I love listening to upbeat music to boost my mood.”
  • In a review of a movie, someone might say, “The film has an upbeat ending that leaves you feeling uplifted.”

23. Streamlined

When something is made more efficient and simplified, often by removing unnecessary steps or processes.

  • For example, “The company streamlined its production process to reduce costs and increase productivity.”
  • A person might say, “I streamlined my morning routine by preparing everything the night before.”
  • In a discussion about technology, someone might say, “The new software update streamlined the user interface and improved user experience.”

24. Progressed

When someone or something has made forward movement or improvement in a particular area.

  • For instance, “She has progressed a lot in her piano skills since she started taking lessons.”
  • A person might say, “I have progressed in my career by taking on more responsibilities.”
  • In a sports context, someone might say, “The team has progressed significantly this season and is now a top contender.”

25. Rectified

When a mistake or problem is fixed or resolved in order to improve a situation.

  • For example, “The company rectified the billing error and issued a refund to the customer.”
  • A person might say, “I quickly rectified the spelling mistake in my presentation before submitting it.”
  • In a relationship context, someone might say, “We had a disagreement, but we talked it out and rectified the issue.”

26. Enriched

This term refers to the act of improving or enhancing something, often by adding value or quality. It can be used to describe a variety of situations or objects.

  • For example, a food critic might say, “The dish was enriched with a drizzle of truffle oil.”
  • A person discussing personal growth might say, “Traveling has enriched my life in so many ways.”
  • In a conversation about education, someone might mention, “A diverse curriculum can greatly enrich a student’s learning experience.”

27. Reinforced

This term signifies the act of making something stronger or more resilient. It can be used in various contexts to describe the improvement of structures, ideas, or even personal qualities.

  • For instance, a construction worker might say, “We reinforced the foundation to ensure the building’s stability.”
  • In a discussion about mental health, someone might say, “Therapy has helped reinforce my coping mechanisms.”
  • A person discussing an argument might say, “I reinforced my point with supporting evidence.”

28. Bettered

This term indicates the act of making something better or superior in quality. It can be used to describe the improvement of various aspects of life, such as skills, relationships, or overall well-being.

  • For example, a coach might say, “Regular practice has bettered the team’s performance.”
  • In a conversation about personal development, someone might say, “Self-reflection has bettered my understanding of myself.”
  • A person discussing a recipe might say, “Adding fresh herbs significantly bettered the flavor of the dish.”

29. Upturned

This term refers to the act of turning something upside down or reversing its position. It can be used metaphorically to describe the improvement or transformation of a situation or outcome.

  • For instance, a business owner might say, “Our new marketing strategy upturned our sales numbers.”
  • In a conversation about personal growth, someone might say, “A challenging experience upturned my perspective on life.”
  • A person discussing a sports game might say, “A last-minute goal upturned the outcome of the match.”