Top 4 Slang For Make Use Of – Meaning & Usage

When it comes to finding the right words to express yourself, sometimes the simplest terms can make the biggest impact. “Slang for make use of” might sound straightforward, but the English language is full of colorful expressions that can add flair to your everyday conversations. Let us guide you through a list of trendy phrases and words that will help you navigate the art of communication with style and confidence. Stay ahead of the curve and level up your vocabulary game with our expertly curated selection of modern slang for making the most of any situation.

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1. Utilize

This word is a synonym for “use” and is often used to give a more formal or technical tone to a sentence. It implies using something in an effective or efficient manner.

  • For example, “We can utilize this new technology to improve our productivity.”
  • In a business context, someone might say, “Let’s utilize our resources wisely to maximize profits.”
  • A teacher might instruct students, “Utilize the tools available to you to complete the assignment.”

2. Employ

Similar to “utilize,” this word means to use something for a specific purpose or benefit. It can also imply using something or someone for a job or task.

  • For instance, “We can employ this strategy to solve the problem at hand.”
  • In a hiring context, someone might say, “We need to employ qualified candidates for this position.”
  • A chef might explain, “I often employ different cooking techniques to enhance the flavor of a dish.”

3. Utilise

This is the British spelling of “utilize.” It carries the same meaning and usage as the American spelling.

  • For example, “We can utilise this method to achieve better results.”
  • In a professional setting, someone might say, “Let’s utilise our resources efficiently to meet our targets.”
  • A teacher might advise students, “Utilise the library to find additional information for your research project.”

4. Apply

This word means to use or implement something for a specific purpose or action. It can also refer to using a skill or knowledge in a practical situation.

  • For instance, “We can apply this technique to solve the math problem.”
  • In a job application context, someone might say, “I am applying my previous experience to this new role.”
  • A coach might instruct players, “Apply what you’ve learned in practice to the game situation.”
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