Top 4 Slang For On A Par – Meaning & Usage

When it comes to being “on a par,” understanding the slang that goes along with it can be key to fitting in and staying up to date. Join us as we uncover the top slang terms associated with being on par, so you can communicate effortlessly and confidently in any situation. Stay tuned to level up your slang game and stay ahead of the curve!

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1. Even

When two things or people are on the same level or equal in some way.

  • “The score in the game was even,“The score in the game was even, with both teams tied.”
  • “We split the bill evenly between the four of us.”
  • “They are even in terms of skill and experience.”

2. Equal

When two or more things or people have the same value or status.

  • “All employees should be treated as equals in the workplace.”
  • “We believe in equal rights and opportunities for everyone.”
  • “In a fair competition,“In a fair competition, each participant has an equal chance of winning.”

3. Level

When two or more things or people are at the same height or position.

  • “The table is not level,“The table is not level, so the glass keeps tipping over.”
  • “They are both at the executive level in the company.”
  • “The playing field needs to be level for a fair game.”

4. Matched

When two or more things or people are on the same level or have the same qualities.

  • “They are well-matched in terms of intelligence and wit.”
  • “The teams are evenly matched,“The teams are evenly matched, so it should be a close game.”
  • “The colors of the curtains and the carpet are perfectly matched.”
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