Top 4 Slang For Proceed – Meaning & Usage

Proceeding with caution! When it comes to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of slang, staying up-to-date is key. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the trendiest and most used slang for “proceed” that will have you speaking the language of the cool kids in no time. Get ready to level up your vocabulary game with our must-read guide!

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1. Go ahead

– For example, “I have finished my part, so you can go ahead and submit the report.”

  • In a meeting, someone might say, “Go ahead and start the presentation.”
  • A teacher might instruct a student, “If you’re finished with your assignment, you can go ahead and read quietly.”

2. Move forward

– For instance, “We need to move forward with our marketing strategy to reach our goals.”

  • In a discussion about a project, someone might say, “Let’s move forward with the proposal and start working on the details.”
  • A coach might motivate their team by saying, “We faced a setback, but it’s time to move forward and focus on the next game.”

3. Push on

– For example, “Even though it’s tough, we need to push on and finish the race.”

  • In a difficult situation, someone might say, “We’re facing a lot of obstacles, but we have to push on and find a solution.”
  • A leader might encourage their team by saying, “Don’t give up, push on and keep working towards our goal.”

4. Carry on

– For instance, “Please carry on with your presentation while I take notes.”

  • In a conversation, someone might say, “Let’s carry on discussing this topic and explore different perspectives.”
  • A teacher might tell their students, “You can carry on with your work while I provide individual feedback.”
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