Top 25 Slang For Revised – Meaning & Usage

Revisions can be a daunting task, but fear not! We’ve got you covered with the latest and most trendy slang for revisions to help you navigate through your work with style and confidence. Say goodbye to boring edits and hello to a fresh perspective on refining your content. Let’s dive in and elevate your revision game!

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1. Revamped

To give something a complete and extensive makeover or transformation. “Revamped” implies significant changes and improvements to the original.

  • For example, a company might say, “We’ve revamped our website to provide a better user experience.”
  • A person discussing a remodeled house might say, “The kitchen was completely revamped with new appliances and countertops.”
  • A fashion magazine might describe a celebrity’s new style as, “She has completely revamped her wardrobe with a fresh and modern look.”

2. Tweaked

To make small changes or adjustments to something, often to improve its performance or functionality. “Tweaked” implies minor modifications or fine-tuning.

  • For instance, a software developer might say, “I just tweaked the code to fix a bug.”
  • A car enthusiast might mention, “I tweaked the engine to get a little more horsepower.”
  • A person discussing a recipe might say, “I tweaked the ingredients to make it more flavorful.”

3. Overhauled

To completely renovate or rebuild something, often to improve its overall condition or functionality. “Overhauled” implies a thorough and comprehensive revision.

  • For example, a mechanic might say, “I overhauled the engine to make it run like new.”
  • A person discussing a major home renovation might say, “We overhauled the entire house, from the foundation to the roof.”
  • A company might announce, “We’re overhauling our business model to adapt to changing market trends.”

4. Enhanced

To improve or upgrade something, often by adding new features or capabilities. “Enhanced” implies an increase in quality, performance, or value.

  • For instance, a photographer might say, “I enhanced the colors in this photo to make it more vibrant.”
  • A technology company might advertise, “Our new smartphone features enhanced security measures.”
  • A person discussing a skincare product might say, “This cream contains enhanced ingredients for better hydration.”

5. Polished

To refine or perfect something, often by making small improvements or adjustments. “Polished” implies a high level of attention to detail and a final touch.

  • For example, a writer might say, “I polished my manuscript to eliminate any errors or inconsistencies.”
  • A person discussing public speaking might say, “I practiced my speech until it was polished and confident.”
  • A musician might mention, “I spent hours polishing my performance to make it flawless.”

6. Reworked

This term refers to making significant changes or improvements to something, often with the goal of fixing flaws or enhancing its overall quality. “Reworked” implies a thorough and extensive revision process.

  • For example, a designer might say, “I reworked the layout of the website to improve user experience.”
  • In a discussion about a movie remake, someone might comment, “The reworked version of the film stayed true to the original while adding a modern twist.”
  • A musician might say, “I reworked the melody of the song to give it a more catchy and memorable hook.”

7. Modified

This term refers to making changes or adjustments to something, often to suit specific needs or preferences. “Modified” can imply a range of alterations, from minor tweaks to more significant adjustments.

  • For instance, a car enthusiast might say, “I modified my engine to increase horsepower.”
  • In a conversation about a recipe, someone might mention, “I modified the ingredients to suit my dietary restrictions.”
  • A software developer might say, “I modified the code to fix a bug and improve performance.”

8. Upgraded

This term refers to improving or enhancing something, often by adding new features or capabilities. “Upgraded” implies a positive change or advancement from the previous version.

  • For example, a tech enthusiast might say, “I upgraded my smartphone to the latest model for better camera quality.”
  • In a discussion about computer hardware, someone might mention, “I upgraded my graphics card to improve gaming performance.”
  • A homeowner might say, “I upgraded my kitchen appliances to energy-efficient models.”

9. Fine-tuned

This term refers to making small but precise changes to something in order to optimize its performance or functionality. “Fine-tuned” implies a meticulous and careful adjustment process.

  • For instance, a musician might say, “I fine-tuned the guitar strings to achieve the perfect tone.”
  • In a conversation about a car’s handling, someone might mention, “The mechanic fine-tuned the suspension for better cornering.”
  • A photographer might say, “I fine-tuned the exposure settings to capture the perfect shot.”

10. Revised

This term refers to reviewing, modifying, and updating something, often with the goal of improving its accuracy, clarity, or overall quality. “Revised” implies a thorough examination and adjustment process.

  • For example, a student might say, “I revised my essay multiple times to ensure it was well-written and organized.”
  • In a discussion about a book, someone might mention, “The author revised the manuscript based on feedback from beta readers.”
  • A content creator might say, “I revised the script to make it more engaging and informative.”

11. Refurbished

Refurbished refers to an item that has been repaired or restored to a like-new condition. It often implies that the item has been thoroughly cleaned, tested, and updated if necessary.

  • For example, “I bought a refurbished laptop and it works just as well as a brand new one.”
  • A person selling a refurbished phone might say, “This iPhone has been refurbished to factory standards.”
  • A customer reviewing a refurbished appliance might comment, “I was skeptical at first, but this refurbished refrigerator is as good as new.”

12. Redesigned

Redesigned refers to the process of reimagining and improving the design of something. It often involves making significant changes to the original design in order to enhance functionality or aesthetics.

  • For instance, “The company has redesigned their website to make it more user-friendly.”
  • A product reviewer might say, “The newly redesigned car model features a sleeker exterior and updated interior.”
  • A customer discussing a redesigned app might comment, “The latest update has completely redesigned the user interface and added new features.”

13. Renewed

Renewed refers to something that has been revived or revitalized, often after a period of decline or neglect. It implies a fresh start or a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

  • For example, “After taking a vacation, I feel renewed and ready to tackle my work.”
  • A person discussing a renewed interest in a hobby might say, “I used to play guitar as a kid, but recently I’ve renewed my passion for music.”
  • A customer reviewing a renewed product might comment, “The company has done an excellent job of renewing this brand with updated packaging and improved quality.”

14. Amended

Amended refers to making modifications or corrections to something, typically a document, law, or agreement. It implies making changes to improve accuracy, clarity, or fairness.

  • For instance, “The contract has been amended to include additional terms.”
  • A person discussing a revised policy might say, “The company has amended their dress code to allow for more casual attire.”
  • A customer reviewing an amended product manual might comment, “The manufacturer has listened to customer feedback and made necessary amendments to the instructions for better usability.”

15. Altered

Altered refers to making changes or modifications to something, often in a subtle or specific way. It implies a departure from the original state or form.

  • For example, “She altered her dress to fit perfectly for the wedding.”
  • A person discussing a modified recipe might say, “I altered the ingredients slightly to suit my taste.”
  • A customer reviewing an altered product design might comment, “The company has made some minor alterations to the packaging, but the product remains the same.”

16. Rectified

This term refers to making corrections or adjustments to something that was previously incorrect or flawed. It implies that the issue has been resolved or improved.

  • For example, “The error in the report has been rectified.”
  • In a discussion about a faulty product, someone might say, “The manufacturer rectified the issue and released a new version.”
  • A person might use this term in a personal context, saying, “I realized my mistake and rectified it immediately.”

17. Perfected

To perfect something means to bring it to a state of excellence or flawlessness. It implies that the item or idea has undergone significant improvement or refinement.

  • For instance, “After many iterations, the designer finally perfected the logo.”
  • In a discussion about a recipe, someone might say, “I’ve been working on this dish for months, and I think I’ve finally perfected it.”
  • A person might use this term in a creative context, saying, “I strive to perfect my craft with every project I undertake.”

18. Revised and improved

This phrase indicates that something has undergone a process of revision and has been improved as a result. It suggests that the changes made have enhanced the original version.

  • For example, “The book went through multiple rounds of revision and is now in its improved form.”
  • In a discussion about software, someone might say, “The developer released a revised and improved version of the app.”
  • A person might use this phrase in a professional context, saying, “I revised and improved my presentation based on the feedback I received.”

19. Modified version

A modified version refers to a revised or altered edition of something. It suggests that changes have been made to the original version, whether minor or significant.

  • For instance, “The modified version of the car features a more powerful engine.”
  • In a discussion about a software update, someone might say, “The latest release includes a modified version of the user interface.”
  • A person might use this term in a technological context, saying, “I created a modified version of the code to fix the bug.”

20. Revitalized

To revitalize something means to restore its energy, vitality, or effectiveness. It implies that the item or idea has been revived or rejuvenated.

  • For example, “The company implemented new strategies to revitalize its declining sales.”
  • In a discussion about a city, someone might say, “The revitalized downtown area is now a vibrant hub of activity.”
  • A person might use this term in a personal context, saying, “I took a vacation to revitalize myself and came back feeling refreshed.”

21. Updated

This term is used to describe something that has been changed or improved in some way. It often refers to the latest version or release of a product or software.

  • For example, a tech reviewer might say, “The updated version of this smartphone has a faster processor.”
  • A user might comment on a social media post, “I love the updated look of your website.”
  • In a discussion about a video game, someone might ask, “When is the updated patch going to be released?”

22. Patched

This term refers to a software or programming fix that addresses bugs, glitches, or vulnerabilities. It implies that the issue has been resolved or repaired.

  • For instance, a user might say, “I’m glad they patched that game-breaking bug.”
  • A developer might announce, “We’ve released a patched version that addresses the security vulnerability.”
  • In a forum discussion, someone might ask, “Has anyone tried the patched version? Are the issues fixed?”

23. Upgraded version

This term refers to a newer and enhanced version of a product, software, or system. It implies that there have been significant improvements or additions.

  • For example, a technology enthusiast might say, “I just got the upgraded version of this smartwatch. It has more features.”
  • A user might comment on a software update, “The upgraded version of this app is much faster and more user-friendly.”
  • In a review of a car model, someone might mention, “The upgraded version has better fuel efficiency and advanced safety features.”

24. Revised edition

This term is often used in reference to books or written material. It indicates that the content has been reviewed, modified, or corrected in some way.

  • For instance, a student might say, “I need to get the revised edition of this textbook for the updated information.”
  • A book reviewer might mention, “The revised edition includes additional chapters and revised content.”
  • In a discussion about a scientific paper, someone might ask, “Is there a revised edition with the latest research findings?”

25. Revived

This term is used to describe something that has been revived or brought back into existence after a period of inactivity or decline.

  • For example, a fan of a TV show might say, “I’m so glad they revived the series for another season.”
  • A music lover might comment on a band’s reunion, “Their revived tour is going to be epic.”
  • In a discussion about a classic video game, someone might ask, “Do you think they’ll ever revive this franchise with a new game?”
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