Top 10 Slang For Snowboarder – Meaning & Usage

Snowboarding, the exhilarating winter sport that combines skill and style, has its own unique slang that sets snowboarders apart from the crowd. Whether you’re a seasoned shredder or just getting started on the slopes, learning the lingo is an essential part of the snowboarding experience. Our team at FluentSlang has gathered the top slang terms for snowboarders to help you navigate the mountain like a pro and feel like part of the snowboarding community. Get ready to shred and impress your fellow riders with your newfound knowledge!

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1. Bro

This term is commonly used to refer to a close friend or buddy. In the context of snowboarding, it is often used to address or describe someone who is also a snowboarder.

  • For example, “Hey bro, let’s hit the slopes this weekend!”
  • A snowboarder might say, “I’m going riding with my bros tomorrow.”
  • In a snowboarding group, someone might ask, “Who’s up for a bro trip to the mountains?”

2. Grom

This slang term is used to describe a young and inexperienced snowboarder, typically a teenager or pre-teen. It is a shortened form of “grommet.”

  • For instance, “That grom is really improving his skills.”
  • A snowboarding instructor might say, “We have a group lesson for the groms this afternoon.”
  • In a snowboarding competition, someone might comment, “The groms are showing some impressive tricks!”

3. Shredder

This term is used to describe a highly skilled and talented snowboarder who can ride with great speed and agility. It refers to someone who “shreds” the slopes.

  • For example, “That guy is a shredder! He can handle any terrain.”
  • A snowboarding enthusiast might say, “I aspire to become a shredder one day.”
  • In a snowboarding video, a commentator might exclaim, “Watch this shredder perform an incredible jump!”

4. Kook

This slang term is used to describe someone who lacks skill or experience in snowboarding. It can also refer to someone who behaves in a foolish or uncool manner on the slopes.

  • For instance, “Don’t be such a kook, learn to turn properly!”
  • A snowboarding instructor might say, “We need to work on your technique, you’re still a bit of a kook.”
  • In a snowboarding forum, someone might ask, “How can I avoid looking like a kook on the mountain?”

5. Ripper

This term is used to describe a snowboarder who rides with great speed, power, and aggression. It is often used to praise someone’s impressive skills and style on the slopes.

  • For example, “That guy is a ripper! He tackles the steepest runs with ease.”
  • A snowboarding fan might say, “I love watching the pros rip it up in competitions.”
  • In a snowboarding video, a commentator might shout, “Check out this ripper’s insane carving skills!”

6. Booter

A “booter” refers to a jump or kicker on a snowboard terrain park or backcountry. It is used for launching into the air and performing tricks.

  • For example, “I hit a massive booter and pulled off a double backflip.”
  • A snowboarder might ask, “Where’s the biggest booter on this mountain?”
  • Someone might comment, “That booter is perfect for practicing my grabs.”

7. Brain bucket

A “brain bucket” is a slang term for a helmet worn by snowboarders for protection against head injuries. It is called a “brain bucket” because it protects the head, which houses the brain.

  • For instance, “Make sure you wear your brain bucket on the slopes.”
  • A safety-conscious snowboarder might say, “Always prioritize your brain bucket when riding.”
  • Someone might comment, “I just bought a new brain bucket with advanced impact protection.”

8. Pew pew

In snowboarding, “pew pew” is an onomatopoeic term used to imitate the sound of snowboard edges scraping against ice. It is often used humorously to describe the unpleasant noise and sensation.

  • For example, “I hate riding on ice, all I hear is pew pew.”
  • A snowboarder might say, “Avoid the icy patches, unless you enjoy the pew pew.”
  • Someone might comment, “The mountain was so icy today, it was pew pew all the way down.”

9. Phat

In snowboarding slang, “phat” is used to describe something as awesome, excellent, or impressive. It is a positive term often used to express admiration or excitement.

  • For instance, “That trick you landed was phat!”
  • A snowboarder might say, “The powder conditions today were phat.”
  • Someone might comment, “I just got a phat new snowboard, can’t wait to try it out!”

10. Plank

In snowboarding slang, “plank” is a term used to refer to a snowboard. It is called a “plank” because of its long and flat shape, resembling a wooden plank.

  • For example, “I just waxed my plank for better performance.”
  • A snowboarder might ask, “What’s your favorite brand of plank?”
  • Someone might comment, “I prefer riding a shorter plank for more maneuverability.”
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