Top 15 Slang For Three – Meaning & Usage

Slang For Three is a topic that might seem simple at first glance, but the world of language is full of surprises. Ever wondered how people refer to a trio in a cool and trendy way? Look no further! We’ve gathered the hippest and most popular slang terms for a group of three that will surely add some flair to your conversations. Stay tuned to level up your linguistic game with this fun and informative listicle!

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1. Trio

A trio refers to a group or set of three people or things. It is commonly used to describe a musical group or a group of performers.

  • For example, “The jazz trio performed a captivating set at the club.”
  • In a discussion about classical music, one might say, “Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is often performed by a trio of vocal soloists.”
  • A sports commentator might mention, “The team’s top trio led them to victory in the championship game.”

2. Threesome

Threesome is a term used to describe a sexual encounter involving three people. It can refer to any combination of genders and sexual orientations.

  • For instance, “They decided to explore their fantasies by having a threesome.”
  • In a conversation about relationships, someone might ask, “Have you ever considered having a threesome with your partner?”
  • A person sharing their experience might say, “I had a memorable threesome during my vacation in Thailand.”

3. Triple

Triple means to multiply something by three or to have three times the amount or size of something.

  • For example, “She tripled her investment in just one year.”
  • In a discussion about cooking, someone might say, “I always triple the recipe when making cookies for a party.”
  • A sports commentator might mention, “He hit a triple, bringing in three runs for his team.”

4. Three-peat

Three-peat is a term used to describe winning a championship or title three times in a row. It is often used in the context of sports.

  • For instance, “The basketball team achieved a three-peat by winning the championship for three consecutive years.”
  • In a discussion about sports dynasties, someone might say, “The Chicago Bulls accomplished a three-peat in the 1990s.”
  • A fan might proudly declare, “I witnessed the team’s three-peat and it was an incredible feat.”

5. Tres

Tres is the Spanish word for three. It is often used by English speakers to add a touch of flair or to reference Spanish culture.

  • For example, “Let’s meet at tres o’clock for our lunch date.”
  • In a conversation about travel, someone might say, “I visited a charming cafe in Barcelona called Cafe Tres.”
  • A person sharing their language skills might say, “I can count from uno to tres in Spanish.”

6. Thrice

This word is used to describe something that has occurred or been done three times.

  • For example, “I have seen that movie thrice and I still love it.”
  • A person might say, “I had to read the instructions thrice before I understood.”
  • Another might say, “I’ve been to Paris thrice and it never gets old.”

7. Triad

A triad refers to a group or set of three people or things.

  • For instance, “The triad of friends went on a road trip together.”
  • In a discussion about music, one might say, “The Beatles are often considered the triad of classic rock bands.”
  • A person might describe a triad of colors, saying, “The flag consists of a triad of red, white, and blue.”

8. Trey

Trey is another word for the number three.

  • For example, “I rolled a trey on my first turn in the game.”
  • A person might say, “I’ll take three treys of ice cream, please.”
  • Another might say, “The recipe calls for a trey of eggs.”

9. Threenager

Threenager is a term used to describe a three-year-old child who exhibits behavior similar to that of a teenager, such as mood swings, tantrums, and independence.

  • For instance, “My threenager refused to eat anything green for dinner.”
  • A parent might say, “Dealing with a threenager can be challenging, but it’s just a phase.”
  • Another might say, “My threenager insists on picking out their own clothes every day.”

10. Triumvirate

A triumvirate refers to a group or coalition of three individuals who share power or authority.

  • For example, “The country was ruled by a triumvirate of leaders.”
  • In a discussion about ancient Rome, one might say, “Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus formed a famous triumvirate.”
  • A person might describe a business partnership as a triumvirate, saying, “The company’s success is due to the strong triumvirate of its founders.”

11. Three’s a charm

This phrase is used to express the belief that the third attempt at something will be successful or lucky.

  • For example, if someone fails twice at a task, they might say, “Well, third time’s a charm!”
  • A person trying to win a game might say, “I’m determined to win this round. Three’s a charm!”
  • Someone might encourage a friend who is nervous about a presentation by saying, “Just remember, three’s a charm. You’ll do great!”

12. Triple play

In sports, a triple play refers to a single play in which the defensive team successfully records three outs. It is considered a rare and impressive feat.

  • For instance, in baseball, a triple play occurs when the defense turns two consecutive outs and then gets a third out without the ball leaving the field of play.
  • A baseball fan might say, “I’ve been watching games for years, but I’ve only seen a triple play once.”
  • A sports commentator might exclaim, “What an incredible triple play! That’s one for the highlight reel!”

13. Triple crown

The term triple crown is used in various sports to describe a player or team winning three major achievements or titles in a single season or career.

  • For example, in horse racing, the Triple Crown refers to winning the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes in the same year.
  • A sports analyst might discuss a player’s chances of winning the triple crown by saying, “He’s leading in batting average, home runs, and RBIs. He could be a triple crown winner.”
  • A fan might say, “I witnessed history when my team won the triple crown. It was an unforgettable season.”

14. Triplet

A triplet refers to one of three siblings who are born from the same pregnancy, usually within minutes or seconds of each other.

  • For instance, if someone has two sisters who were born at the same time as them, they would refer to them as their triplets.
  • A person might say, “I’m a triplet. My brothers and I have a special bond.”
  • Another might ask, “What’s it like being a triplet? Do you have a lot of sibling rivalry?”

15. Triune

Triune is an adjective that describes something as consisting of three parts or elements.

  • For example, the concept of the Holy Trinity in Christianity is often described as triune, representing God as three persons in one.
  • A person discussing a complex issue might say, “This problem is triune. It involves economic, social, and political factors.”
  • A writer might describe a character as having a triune personality, saying, “She’s a mix of intelligence, humor, and compassion.”
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