Top 4 Slang For Whilst – Meaning & Usage

Whilst, a word that adds a touch of sophistication and old-world charm to your vocabulary, is often used interchangeably with “while” in everyday conversation. But did you know there are other trendy and modern alternatives to use in its place? Join us as we uncover the coolest and most up-to-date slang for whilst that will take your language game to the next level. Stay ahead of the curve and impress your friends with these fresh and exciting language twists!

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1. While

The word “while” is commonly used as a synonym for “whilst” and indicates a period of time or a condition. It is often used to express a contrast or a comparison.

  • For example, “While I was studying for my exam, my roommate was watching TV.”
  • A person might say, “I can multitask while I’m on a conference call.”
  • In a conversation about hobbies, someone might mention, “I like to listen to music while I’m cooking.”

2. Whilsty

The term “whilsty” is slang used to describe someone or something that is laid-back, calm, or easygoing. It can also refer to a person who takes things in stride or remains cool under pressure.

  • For instance, “He’s a whilsty guy who never gets stressed out.”
  • In a discussion about personalities, someone might say, “I prefer to surround myself with whilsty people.”
  • A person might describe a vacation as, “I had a whilsty time at the beach.”

3. Whilin’

The slang term “whilin'” is used to describe someone who is behaving in an extreme or reckless manner. It can refer to engaging in risky or outrageous activities without regard for consequences.

  • For example, “He was whilin’ at the party last night.”
  • In a conversation about adventures, someone might say, “We went whilin’ on a spontaneous road trip.”
  • A person might comment, “She’s always whilin’ out and doing something unexpected.”

4. Whilist

The term “whilist” is an alternative spelling of “whilst” and is used in the same way. It is less commonly used compared to the other variations of “whilst,” but it still conveys the same meaning of “during the time that.”

  • For instance, “The store is closed on Sundays, whilist they restock.”
  • In a conversation about schedules, someone might say, “I have a meeting at 2 PM, whilist you have a lunch break.”
  • A person might mention, “I like to read a book whilist I’m waiting for the bus.”
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