What Does Kys Mean In Slang & How To Use It

What Does Kys Mean In Text, Tiktok and Social Platforms

Kill Yourself

“Kys” is an acronym that stands for “Kill Yourself.” It is a phrase that is used online and in text messaging as a form of trolling or cyberbullying. It is a very serious statement and should not be taken lightly. It is not something that should ever be used in a casual or joking manner.

It is important to respond to someone who uses this phrase in a responsible and appropriate way. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Report the individual to the appropriate authorities or platform moderators if it is clear that they are engaging in cyberbullying or making threats.
  • Reach out to the person and try to understand why they may have used the phrase. Some people may not understand the gravity of their words and may not have intended to hurt or harm anyone.
  • Take a break from the conversation or platform if you feel that it is becoming too toxic or emotionally draining.

Example of conversation between 2 friends

Friend 1: “I can’t believe I failed my math test again”

Friend 2: “KYS”

Friend 1: “Why would you say that? That’s not funny or appropriate”

Friend 2: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I just didn’t know how to respond to your bad news.”

In this example, Friend 2 made a mistake by using the phrase “KYS”, however, friend 1 did not take it lightly and responded accordingly.

It is important to note that using such a phrase is not only an insensitive act but also a criminal offense in some countries. It is always advisable to use respectful and kind words, even if you are in an online space.

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What does Kys mean from a guy

“Kys” is an internet slang that stands for “Kill Yourself.” It is generally considered to be a hurtful and offensive phrase and should not be used casually.

If a guy uses this phrase towards you, it can be interpreted as him trying to hurt or offend you. It is not a sign that he likes or hates you, and it should not be taken as an indication that he is trying to make a move.

It is important to remember that internet communication can be impersonal and that people often use offensive language without thinking about the impact it may have on the person they are communicating with. In this situation, the best response would be to not engage with the person further and to block them if necessary.

Example 1

Girl: “I’m not interested in dating you”

Guy: “Kys then”

In this example, the guy uses the phrase “Kys” in a hurtful and offensive way in response to the girl’s rejection of him. This behavior is not acceptable and the girl should not engage further with the guy.

Example 2

Girl: “I’m having a tough day, can we talk?”

Guy: “Sure, KYS”

In this example, the guy uses the phrase “Kys” in a playful and friendly way, meaning “Keep yourself safe”. He is showing that he cares about the girl’s well-being, and responding positively to her request to talk.

What does Kys mean from a girl

“Kys” is internet slang for “Kill Yourself.” It is considered a form of cyberbullying and should not be used. It is not appropriate for a girl, or anyone, to use this term towards another person. If a girl uses this term towards you, it is likely that she does not like you and is trying to be hurtful. It is not appropriate to respond to this type of behavior and it is best to block or ignore the person.

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Example 1

Girl: “You’re such a loser, Kys.”

Guy: “I’m sorry you feel that way. I’ll be blocking you now.”

In this example, the girl is using the term “Kys” in a bullying manner, and the guy is responding appropriately by not engaging and blocking her.

Example 2

Girl: “I can’t believe you’re leaving me, Kys”

Guy: “I’m sorry you feel that way, but I need to take care of myself.”

In this example, the girl is expressing her sadness and disappointment with the guy leaving her and the guy is responding empathetically and taking care of himself.