What Does WTM Mean In Slang & How To Use It

What Does WTM Mean In Text, Tiktok and Social Platforms

“WTM” is a common acronym used on text, TikTok, and social media platforms. This abbreviation can stand for two phrases, “What’s The Matter” and “What’s The Move”. If you are having a rough time, your close friends may use “WTM” to ask “What’s the matter?” and check up on you. The term “What’s The Move” is a casual way to inquire about someone’s plans. This phrase is used to know someone’s schedule, albeit one that is still developing. If you are in a group conversation trying to fix a meeting, you can use this abbreviation as well.

For instance, when one person notices that their conversation partner is not behaving as usual, or things are not unfolding as anticipated, one might ask “WTM.” “What’s The Matter” as “WTM” Examples include “WTM? Our relatives have always been pleasant, but now I can’t even use their internet without entering a passcode,” “WTM! Why aren’t you able to get some rest? Yes. I can’t seem to get over how fun the party was,” “WTM? Is it okay if I drop by?” and “WTM? Do you require my assistance in any way?” The purpose of these questions is to initiate a conversation that will hopefully help solve the issues.

The best way to respond to this acronym is by providing an honest answer. If someone uses “WTM” to ask if you’re alright, it is best to tell them how you feel. In the case of “What’s The Move,” it is best to tell the person about your plans and schedule.

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Example 1: A Conversation Between Two Friends

Friend 1: Hey, WTM? You look upset.

Friend 2: It’s nothing. Just had a bad day at work.

In this example, “WTM” is used as a way for Friend 1 to inquire about Friend 2’s mood.

Example 2: A Conversation Between a Couple

Girl: WTM, babe? You seem distant.

Guy: Oh, sorry, just thinking about work stuff.

In this example, the girl is using “WTM” to ask her partner about his emotional state and why he seems preoccupied.

What does WTM mean from a guy

The acronym “WTM” stands for “What’s the Matter” and is used to inquire about someone’s well-being. When used by a guy, it does not necessarily mean that he is romantically interested in the person he’s talking to. Rather, it is usually an expression of concern about their current emotional state. The use of “WTM” is common amongst friends and family, and it signifies a sincere interest in the other person’s well-being.

If you receive a message from a guy with “WTM” in it, it is a signal that he cares and is interested in your well-being. It is not an invitation to flirt, although you can acknowledge his thoughtfulness by responding appropriately. A suitable response would be to give an honest answer about how you feel, or if there’s anything that he can do to help. You can also express your appreciation for his concern.

Example 1

Girl: Hey, you sent me a message with “WTM” in it. Is everything okay?

Guy: Yeah, I just wanted to check on you. I noticed that you haven’t been yourself lately, and I wanted to make sure that you’re doing okay.

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Girl: I appreciate that. Things have been a bit rough, but I’m hanging in there. Thank you for checking on me.

In this example, the guy is expressing his concern for the girl, which shows that he cares about her. The girl acknowledges his concern and responds positively. There is no indication that the conversation is about anything romantic.

Example 2

Girl: Hey, what are you up to?

Guy: Not much, just checking on you. WTM?

Girl: Oh, I’m fine, thanks for asking.

Guy: Okay, just wanted to make sure.

In this example, the guy is using “WTM” to check on the girl’s well-being, but she responds that she’s okay. He accepts her answer and moves on to a different topic. There is no indication of any romantic interest on either side.

What does WTM mean from a girl

WTM from a girl is likely an abbreviation for “What’s The Matter”. When a girl sends this message to someone, it could mean that she is checking in on the person and wants to know if something is wrong. The message is usually sent in a caring and empathetic tone, indicating that the sender is concerned about the well-being of the recipient. If you receive this message from a girl, it means that she is interested in knowing how you are doing and wants to be there for you.

There is no indication that this message is about romance or relationships. It is a simple inquiry about the recipient’s well-being. Therefore, there is no need to respond flirtatiously or make any romantic moves. A simple reply that explains what is bothering you or reassuring the girl that everything is alright would be appropriate. The message is often sent with good intentions, so the recipient should not overthink it too much.

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Example 1

Girl: Hey, you seem a bit off lately. WTM?

Guy: I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with work and personal stuff. Thanks for checking in, it means a lot.

In this example, the girl is asking the guy what’s wrong because she has noticed a change in his behavior. The guy appreciates the concern and shares what’s bothering him.

Example 2

Girl: WTM tonight?

Guy: I’m not sure, what do you have in mind?

Girl: Let’s go see a movie or something. My treat.

In this example, the girl is asking the guy what the plan is for the evening. The guy responds by asking the girl what she has in mind, and they end up agreeing to go to a movie together.