Top 5 Slang For Approve – Meaning & Usage

When it comes to expressing approval in today’s fast-paced world, using the right slang can make all the difference. Join us as we uncover the coolest and most trendy ways to say “approve” in our latest listicle. From the classics to the latest additions, we’ve got you covered with the hippest phrases that will have you nodding in agreement in no time!

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1. Cosign

This term is often used to show agreement or approval of a person, idea, or action.

  • For example, “I cosign that statement, it’s absolutely true.”
  • In a conversation about a new product, someone might say, “I cosign this brand, their quality is top-notch.”
  • A person might comment on a social media post, “I cosign this message, it’s important to spread awareness.”

2. Rubber stamp

This term is often used to describe a situation where something is approved without question or thought.

  • For instance, “The committee’s decision was just a rubber stamp, they didn’t even discuss the options.”
  • In a discussion about government policies, someone might say, “Many laws are simply rubber-stamped without considering the consequences.”
  • A person might criticize a company’s decision, “They just rubber-stamp everything the CEO suggests, without considering other perspectives.”

3. Thumbs-up

This term is often used to show support or agreement with someone or something.

  • For example, “I gave her a thumbs-up to let her know I liked her idea.”
  • In a discussion about a movie, someone might say, “I give it a thumbs-up, it’s definitely worth watching.”
  • A person might comment on a social media post, “Thumbs-up for this amazing photo!”

4. Thumbs-up emoji

This term refers to the use of the thumbs-up emoji to express support or agreement.

  • For instance, “I replied with a thumbs-up emoji to show my approval.”
  • In a group chat, someone might say, “Thumbs-up emoji if you agree with this plan.”
  • A person might comment on a post, “Thumbs-up emoji for this incredible achievement!”

5. Seal of approval

This term is often used to indicate that something has been officially approved or recognized as being of high quality.

  • For example, “The product received the seal of approval from industry experts.”
  • In a conversation about a restaurant, someone might say, “I only eat at places with the seal of approval from food critics.”
  • A person might comment on a book, “This novel definitely deserves the seal of approval, it’s a great read.”
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