Top 7 Slang For Welcomed – Meaning & Usage

Feeling accepted and appreciated is a universal desire, and having the right slang for feeling welcomed can make all the difference in expressing that warm, fuzzy feeling. Whether you’re a language enthusiast or just someone looking to stay in the loop with the latest trends, our team has got you covered with a collection of the most popular phrases and expressions that convey that sense of belonging. Get ready to level up your vocabulary and make everyone feel right at home with these trendy words!

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1. Embraced

To be embraced means to be warmly welcomed or accepted by others. It implies a sense of openness and acceptance towards someone or something.

  • For example, “The new employee was embraced by the team and immediately felt like part of the family.”
  • In a discussion about different cultures, someone might say, “We should embrace diversity and celebrate our differences.”
  • A person sharing their coming out story might express, “I was nervous about telling my family, but they embraced me with open arms.”

2. Accepted

To be accepted means to be approved or allowed into a group, community, or situation. It implies that one’s presence or participation is welcomed and acknowledged.

  • For instance, “After a rigorous interview process, she was accepted into the prestigious university.”
  • In a conversation about job offers, someone might say, “I finally got accepted into the company of my dreams.”
  • A person discussing their relationship might share, “I was afraid of being rejected, but he accepted me for who I am.”

3. Invited

To be invited means to be formally asked or welcomed to join an event, gathering, or activity. It implies that one is included and wanted in a specific situation.

  • For example, “She was invited to the exclusive party and felt honored to be included.”
  • In a discussion about weddings, someone might say, “We’ve invited all our closest friends and family to celebrate with us.”
  • A person talking about a social event might mention, “I was surprised when I received an invitation to the gala.”

4. Greeted

To be greeted means to be welcomed or acknowledged upon arrival or meeting someone. It implies a warm reception and a friendly introduction.

  • For instance, “As soon as she entered the room, she was greeted by applause and smiles.”
  • In a conversation about customer service, someone might say, “I always feel valued when I’m greeted by name at my favorite coffee shop.”
  • A person describing their travel experience might share, “When I arrived in the foreign country, I was greeted by a local guide who made me feel instantly welcome.”

5. Received

To be received means to be acknowledged or accepted in a positive manner. It implies that one’s presence or contribution is appreciated and valued by others.

  • For example, “His ideas were well received by the team, and they were implemented immediately.”
  • In a discussion about awards, someone might say, “She received recognition for her outstanding achievements in the field.”
  • A person talking about feedback might mention, “I appreciate the constructive criticism I received, as it helps me grow and improve.”

6. Welcomed with open arms

This phrase is used to describe a situation or person that is received with great acceptance and enthusiasm. It implies that the individual or thing being welcomed is embraced wholeheartedly and without reservation.

  • For example, “When I arrived at the party, I was welcomed with open arms by all of my friends.”
  • A person describing their experience at a new job might say, “I was nervous at first, but my coworkers welcomed me with open arms and made me feel right at home.”
  • Someone might write in a thank-you note, “Thank you for your hospitality and for making me feel welcomed with open arms during my visit.”

7. Acknowledged

This term refers to being noticed or recognized for one’s presence or contribution. It can indicate that someone’s presence or efforts are appreciated and valued.

  • For instance, a person might say, “I feel acknowledged and valued by my colleagues for my hard work.”
  • In a meeting, someone might say, “I want to acknowledge John for his excellent presentation.”
  • A student might feel acknowledged when their teacher praises their achievements in front of the class.
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