Top 50 Slang For Casual – Meaning & Usage

Casual conversations can sometimes turn confusing when slang terms are thrown into the mix. But fear not! We’ve got you covered with a curated list of top slang for casual interactions. From “chill” to “hangry,” we’ve decoded the language so you can stay in the loop and impress your friends with your newfound slang knowledge. Get ready to level up your casual convo game!

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1. Chill

To be calm and relaxed in a casual or easy-going manner.

  • For example, “Let’s just chill at home and watch a movie.”
  • Someone might say, “I’m feeling stressed, I need to chill out for a bit.”
  • A friend might ask, “Wanna chill at the park later?”

2. Laid-back

To have a relaxed and easygoing attitude or demeanor.

  • For instance, “He’s so laid-back, nothing ever seems to bother him.”
  • A person might describe themselves as, “I’m a laid-back kind of person, I don’t let things stress me out.”
  • A friend might say, “We’re having a laid-back get-together at my place, feel free to join.”

3. Low-key

To keep something low-key means to do it in a discreet or understated manner.

  • For example, “Let’s have a low-key celebration with just a few close friends.”
  • A person might say, “I prefer low-key outings, like grabbing coffee or going for a walk.”
  • A friend might suggest, “We could have a low-key movie night at my place.”

4. Easy-breezy

To describe something as easy-breezy means that it is uncomplicated, relaxed, and requires little effort.

  • For instance, “The hike was easy-breezy, we didn’t break a sweat.”
  • A person might say, “I like to keep my skincare routine easy-breezy, just a few simple steps.”
  • A friend might comment, “The party preparations were easy-breezy, everything came together smoothly.”

5. Casual-cool

To be casual-cool means to have a relaxed and effortless style that is still fashionable and appealing.

  • For example, “She always looks so casual-cool in her jeans and t-shirt.”
  • A person might say, “I love the casual-cool vibe of this coffee shop, it’s a great place to hang out.”
  • A friend might compliment, “You have such a casual-cool attitude, it’s refreshing.”

6. Relaxed-fit

This term is often used to describe clothing that is designed to fit loosely and provide a comfortable, relaxed feel. It can refer to clothing items such as jeans, t-shirts, or sweatpants.

  • For example, “I love wearing relaxed-fit jeans because they’re so comfortable.”
  • A fashion enthusiast might say, “Relaxed-fit clothing is perfect for a casual, laid-back look.”
  • Someone might comment, “I always opt for relaxed-fit t-shirts for a more relaxed and effortless style.”

7. Weekend vibes

This phrase is used to describe the relaxed and carefree atmosphere that is often associated with the weekend. It conveys a sense of relaxation, leisure, and enjoyment.

  • For instance, “I’m feeling the weekend vibes. Time to unwind and have some fun!”
  • A person might post a picture with the caption, “Weekend vibes: lounging by the pool and soaking up the sun.”
  • Someone might say, “I love the weekend vibes. It’s the perfect time to catch up on hobbies and spend time with loved ones.”

8. Kickin’ it

This phrase is used to describe the act of hanging out or spending time together in a casual and relaxed manner. It implies a laid-back and easygoing atmosphere.

  • For example, “We’re just kickin’ it at the park, enjoying the nice weather.”
  • A person might say, “Let’s invite some friends over and just kick it at home.”
  • Someone might comment, “I love kickin’ it with my friends. It’s always a good time.”

9. Chillin’ like a villain

This phrase is used to describe the act of relaxing or taking it easy in a cool and confident manner. It conveys a sense of being at ease and enjoying oneself.

  • For instance, “I’m just chillin’ like a villain, watching my favorite TV show.”
  • A person might say, “No plans for the weekend. Just gonna chill like a villain.”
  • Someone might comment, “I envy people who can just chill like a villain. I’m always so busy!”

10. Just kickin’ back

This phrase is used to describe the act of relaxing and doing nothing in particular. It conveys a sense of taking a break and enjoying a moment of leisure.

  • For example, “I have no plans tonight. Just gonna kick back and relax.”
  • A person might say, “I love just kickin’ back on a lazy Sunday.”
  • Someone might comment, “After a long day at work, all I want to do is kick back and unwind.”

11. Mellow

This term is used to describe someone or something that is calm, laid-back, or not easily bothered. It can also refer to a peaceful or relaxed atmosphere.

  • For example, “She’s always so mellow, nothing ever seems to stress her out.”
  • In a conversation about plans, someone might say, “Let’s just have a mellow night in and watch movies.”
  • A person describing a vacation destination might say, “It’s a mellow beach town with beautiful sunsets and a relaxed vibe.”

12. Easy-peasy

This phrase is used to describe a task or situation that requires little effort or is not complicated at all. It’s a playful and informal way to express simplicity.

  • For instance, “Don’t worry, fixing that issue is easy-peasy, just follow these steps.”
  • When someone asks for help, a person might respond, “Sure, I can do that for you, it’s easy-peasy.”
  • A parent might say to their child, “Tying your shoelaces is easy-peasy, you’ll learn in no time.”

13. No biggie

This phrase is used to downplay or dismiss the significance of something. It’s a casual way to indicate that a situation or task is not difficult or troublesome.

  • For example, if someone apologizes for a minor mistake, the response might be, “No biggie, it happens.”
  • When someone thanks another person for a small favor, they might reply, “No biggie, happy to help.”
  • If someone cancels plans, a person might say, “No biggie, we can reschedule for another time.”

14. Cool beans

This phrase is used to express approval, enthusiasm, or agreement. It’s a casual and positive way to respond to something good or exciting.

  • For instance, if someone shares good news, a response might be, “Cool beans, congratulations!”
  • When someone suggests a fun activity, another person might say, “Cool beans, let’s do it!”
  • A person might comment on a cool gadget or item by saying, “Those headphones look really cool beans.”

15. Down to chill

This phrase is used to indicate a person’s willingness to spend time together in a relaxed and informal way. It suggests a desire for a low-key and casual social gathering.

  • For example, if someone asks, “Are you down to chill tonight?”, a response might be, “Yeah, I’m down to chill, what should we do?”
  • When making plans, someone might say, “I’m down to chill at the park and have a picnic.”
  • If a friend suggests watching a movie, another person might say, “I’m down to chill and watch a movie, what do you feel like watching?”

16. Easygoing

Describes someone who is calm, relaxed, and doesn’t get easily stressed or worried. It can also refer to a casual and informal attitude or approach.

  • For example, “He’s always so easygoing, nothing seems to bother him.”
  • A person might say, “Let’s have an easygoing weekend and just relax.”
  • In a conversation about work, someone might comment, “I prefer an easygoing work environment where everyone gets along.”

17. Chillin’ out

Means to relax and not do much or to take a break from doing something. It can also refer to spending time with friends in a relaxed and casual manner.

  • For instance, “I’m just chillin’ out at home, watching some TV.”
  • A person might say, “Let’s go to the park and chill out for a while.”
  • In a conversation about weekend plans, someone might suggest, “How about we just chill out and have a low-key day?”

18. Casual vibes

Refers to the relaxed and informal atmosphere or ambiance of a place or situation. It can also describe the overall feeling or mood of a gathering or event.

  • For example, “The beach party had such casual vibes, everyone was just enjoying themselves.”
  • A person might comment, “I love going to that coffee shop, it has such casual vibes.”
  • In a conversation about a party, someone might say, “Let’s keep it casual and create some chill vibes.”

19. Just loungin’

Means to relax and do nothing in particular, often in a comfortable or leisurely manner. It can also refer to spending time in a lounge or similar comfortable setting.

  • For instance, “I’m not doing anything important, just loungin’ around.”
  • A person might say, “I’m going to spend the day just loungin’ by the pool.”
  • In a conversation about weekend plans, someone might suggest, “Let’s just stay home and have a day of loungin’.”

20. Cool and casual

Describes something or someone that is relaxed, laid-back, and not overly formal or serious. It can also refer to a style or fashion that is casual and effortless.

  • For example, “He has a cool and casual attitude, always taking things in stride.”
  • A person might comment, “I love her cool and casual style, she always looks effortless.”
  • In a conversation about a party, someone might suggest, “Let’s have a cool and casual gathering at my place.”

21. Casual hang

A casual hang refers to a relaxed and informal gathering or meet-up with friends or acquaintances. It typically involves spending time together in a low-key setting without any specific plans or agenda.

  • For example, “Hey, let’s have a casual hang at my place this weekend and play some board games.”
  • Someone might suggest, “I’m in the mood for a casual hang at the park. We can bring some snacks and just hang out.”
  • A friend might ask, “Are you up for a casual hang at the coffee shop? We can catch up and chat.”

22. Easy weekend

An easy weekend refers to a weekend where one takes it easy and has a relaxed and leisurely time. It involves avoiding stress, responsibilities, or any intense activities, and instead focusing on rest and relaxation.

  • For instance, “I’m looking forward to an easy weekend. No work or obligations, just me time.”
  • Someone might say, “Let’s have an easy weekend and binge-watch our favorite TV shows.”
  • A person might plan, “I’m going to the beach for an easy weekend. Just sunbathing, reading, and enjoying the ocean.”

23. Chillin’ with friends

Chillin’ with friends refers to spending leisure time in a relaxed and laid-back manner with close friends. It often involves hanging out, chatting, and enjoying each other’s company without any specific plans or activities.

  • For example, “I’m just chillin’ with friends tonight. We’re ordering pizza and watching movies.”
  • Someone might say, “Let’s go to the park and chill with friends. We can have a picnic and play some frisbee.”
  • A person might text their friends, “Hey, what are you up to? I feel like chillin’ with friends tonight.”

24. Laid-back style

Laid-back style refers to a casual and relaxed approach to fashion and dressing. It involves wearing comfortable and easy-going clothing without much concern for trends or formality.

  • For instance, “I love her laid-back style. She always looks effortlessly cool in jeans and a t-shirt.”
  • Someone might comment, “I’m all about a laid-back style. Give me sneakers, leggings, and a cozy sweater any day.”
  • A fashion enthusiast might say, “Laid-back style is all about embracing comfort and expressing your personal taste without trying too hard.”

25. Casual attitude

A casual attitude refers to a relaxed and easy-going mindset or approach towards life and various situations. It involves not taking things too seriously, being flexible, and going with the flow.

  • For example, “He has such a casual attitude. He never stresses out about deadlines and always finds a way to make things work.”
  • Someone might say, “I’m trying to adopt a more casual attitude towards life. I want to enjoy the present moment and not worry too much about the future.”
  • A person might advise their friend, “Don’t let small setbacks bother you. Maintain a casual attitude and focus on the bigger picture.”

26. Easy-casual

Easy-casual refers to a style of dress that is comfortable and laid-back, yet still stylish. It combines elements of casual wear with more polished pieces to create a look that is easygoing but still put together.

  • For example, “She rocked an easy-casual outfit with jeans, a graphic tee, and a blazer.”
  • A fashion blogger might share tips on achieving an easy-casual look, saying, “Pair a flowy dress with sneakers for the perfect easy-casual ensemble.”
  • Someone might comment on a friend’s outfit, saying, “I love your easy-casual vibe today!”

27. Laid-back vibes

Laid-back vibes refers to a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere or attitude. It describes a situation or person that exudes a calm and carefree energy.

  • For instance, “The beach party had such laid-back vibes, with people lounging in hammocks and enjoying the music.”
  • A friend might invite you to a gathering, saying, “Come over for a BBQ and some laid-back vibes.”
  • A traveler might describe a destination as having laid-back vibes, saying, “I loved the small coastal town for its laid-back vibes and friendly locals.”

28. Just keepin’ it easy

Just keepin’ it easy is a phrase used to convey a desire to maintain a relaxed and uncomplicated approach to a situation. It suggests a preference for simplicity and avoiding unnecessary stress or complications.

  • For example, when making plans with friends, someone might say, “Let’s just keep it easy and grab dinner at that new burger joint.”
  • A coworker might suggest a low-key workday, saying, “It’s Friday, let’s just keep it easy and wrap up early.”
  • When faced with a challenging task, someone might remind themselves, “Take it step by step, just keepin’ it easy.”

29. Chilled out

Chilled out describes a person or situation that is calm, relaxed, and easygoing. It implies a lack of stress or tension and a preference for a laid-back approach.

  • For instance, “He’s always so chilled out, nothing seems to bother him.”
  • A friend might describe their weekend plans as “just a chilled out day at the beach.”
  • When asked how they handle stress, someone might respond, “I try to stay chilled out and take things as they come.”

30. Kick back

Kick back is a phrase used to encourage someone to relax and unwind. It suggests taking a break from work or responsibilities and enjoying a leisurely or carefree moment.

  • For example, “After a long day, it’s nice to just kick back and watch a movie.”
  • A friend might invite you to their home, saying, “Come over and kick back by the pool.”
  • When feeling overwhelmed, someone might remind themselves, “Take a deep breath and find a moment to kick back.”

31. Down-to-earth

This term describes someone who is humble, approachable, and not pretentious. It often refers to a person who is genuine and authentic in their demeanor and behavior.

  • For example, “She’s so down-to-earth, you can have a conversation with her about anything.”
  • When describing a friend, you might say, “He’s the most down-to-earth guy I know.”
  • In a job interview, you might mention, “I appreciate working in a down-to-earth environment where everyone is treated equally.”

32. Unfussy

This term describes someone or something that is not demanding or complicated. It often refers to a person who is easy to please and doesn’t require much attention or effort.

  • For instance, “He’s an unfussy eater and will enjoy any type of food.”
  • When describing a hairstyle, you might say, “She prefers unfussy, natural-looking hair.”
  • In a home decor discussion, someone might say, “I like unfussy designs with clean lines and minimal clutter.”

33. No-fuss

This term describes something that is easy and straightforward, without any unnecessary complications or difficulties. It often refers to a situation or approach that is efficient and doesn’t require much effort.

  • For example, “She prefers a no-fuss morning routine that allows her to get ready quickly.”
  • When describing a recipe, you might say, “This no-fuss pasta dish is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner.”
  • In a travel discussion, someone might recommend, “If you want a no-fuss vacation, book an all-inclusive resort.”

34. Relaxed vibes

This term describes an environment or atmosphere that is calm, comfortable, and stress-free. It often refers to a place or situation where people can unwind and feel at ease.

  • For instance, “The beach bar has relaxed vibes, with live music and a chill atmosphere.”
  • When describing a party, you might say, “Come over for some drinks and relaxed vibes.”
  • In a restaurant review, someone might mention, “The outdoor patio has a great vibe, perfect for relaxed dining.”

35. Keepin’ it casual

This phrase means to maintain a laid-back and easygoing attitude or style. It often refers to someone who prefers a casual and informal approach in various aspects of life.

  • For example, “We’re just keepin’ it casual, no need to dress up for the date.”
  • When discussing plans, you might say, “Let’s keep it casual and meet up for coffee.”
  • In a conversation about work attire, someone might say, “On Fridays, we have a keepin’ it casual dress code.”

36. Easy does it

This phrase is used to encourage someone to proceed slowly and carefully, without rushing or exerting too much effort.

  • For example, if someone is carrying a fragile item, you might say, “Easy does it, don’t drop it.”
  • In a sports game, a coach might tell their players, “Take it easy, we still have plenty of time.”
  • When giving directions, you might say, “Just take the next exit and then easy does it on the curve.”

37. Go with the flow

This expression means to embrace whatever is happening or whatever others are doing, without resisting or trying to control the situation.

  • For instance, if a group of friends can’t decide on a restaurant, someone might suggest, “Let’s just go with the flow and see where we end up.”
  • In a work setting, a manager might advise their team, “Sometimes we need to be open to changes and go with the flow.”
  • When faced with unexpected changes, someone might say, “I’m just going with the flow and seeing where life takes me.”

38. Relaxed and groovy

This phrase describes someone who is calm, laid-back, and in a positive mood.

  • For example, if someone is feeling relaxed on a vacation, they might say, “I’m just feeling so relaxed and groovy right now.”
  • When describing someone’s personality, you might say, “She’s always so relaxed and groovy, nothing seems to bother her.”
  • In a social gathering, someone might comment, “The atmosphere here is so relaxed and groovy, I love it.”

39. Just hangin’

This phrase is used to indicate that someone is not doing anything in particular and is simply passing time in a relaxed manner.

  • For instance, if someone asks what you’re doing on a lazy Sunday, you might reply, “Nothing much, just hangin’.”
  • When catching up with a friend, you might say, “I’ve been just hangin’ and enjoying some downtime.”
  • If someone sees you lounging around, they might ask, “Are you just hangin’ or is there something you want to do?”

40. Keepin’ it mellow

This phrase means to stay calm and composed, without getting too worked up or stressed out.

  • For example, if someone is dealing with a difficult situation, they might say, “I’m just keepin’ it mellow and taking things one step at a time.”
  • When giving advice to a friend, you might say, “Don’t let things get to you, just keep it mellow.”
  • In a high-pressure environment, someone might comment, “I’m impressed by how you’re keepin’ it mellow despite all the chaos.”

41. Cool, calm, and collected

This phrase refers to someone who remains calm and composed in any situation, without getting easily flustered or stressed.

  • For example, “Even when faced with a difficult problem, she always stays cool, calm, and collected.”
  • In a high-pressure situation, a person might say, “Just take a deep breath and try to stay cool, calm, and collected.”
  • Someone might describe a friend as, “No matter what happens, he’s always cool, calm, and collected.”

42. Keepin’ it low-key

This phrase means to keep things casual, relaxed, or low-profile, without drawing too much attention or making a big deal out of something.

  • For instance, “We’re just keepin’ it low-key tonight, hanging out at home and watching movies.”
  • A person might say, “I don’t want to make a big fuss, so let’s keep it low-key and celebrate quietly.”
  • When discussing weekend plans, someone might suggest, “Let’s keep it low-key and go for a hike or have a picnic.”

43. Whatever

This word is often used to express a lack of interest, indifference, or nonchalance towards something.

  • For example, “I don’t really care where we eat, whatever works for you.”
  • A person might respond to a suggestion with, “Sure, whatever you want is fine.”
  • When asked about their opinion on a topic, someone might shrug and say, “Eh, whatever.”

44. NBD

This acronym stands for “No Big Deal” and is used to downplay the significance or importance of something.

  • For instance, “Thanks for helping me out, but it was NBD.”
  • A person might respond to a compliment with, “Oh, it was NBD, just something I threw together.”
  • When apologizing for a minor mistake, someone might say, “I spilled some coffee, but NBD, I cleaned it up.”

45. Chillin’

This word is a slang term for “relaxing” or “taking it easy”. It implies a state of being calm, cool, and relaxed.

  • For example, “I’m just chillin’ at home tonight, watching some TV.”
  • A person might respond to a question about their plans with, “Not much, just chillin’ with friends.”
  • When asked how they’re doing, someone might say, “I’m good, just chillin’.”

46. Coolio

This slang term is used to describe something as cool or awesome. It is often used to express admiration or approval.

  • For example, “That new car is so coolio!”
  • A person might say, “I just got tickets to the concert, it’s going to be coolio.”
  • Another might exclaim, “Coolio! I can’t believe we won the game!”

47. Keep it casual

This phrase is used to encourage others to keep things relaxed and informal. It suggests avoiding formality or seriousness.

  • For instance, if someone suggests going to a fancy restaurant, you might respond, “Let’s keep it casual and grab pizza instead.”
  • In a conversation about dress codes, someone might say, “The event is casual, so just keep it casual with jeans and a t-shirt.”
  • A person might advise a friend, “Don’t stress about what to wear, just keep it casual and comfortable.”

48. Take it easy

This phrase is used to tell someone to relax or take things easy. It suggests not to overexert or stress oneself.

  • For example, if someone is working too hard, you might say, “Take it easy and take a break.”
  • A person might advise a friend who is worrying, “Don’t worry too much, just take it easy.”
  • In a conversation about a challenging task, someone might say, “It’s a tough project, but let’s take it easy and tackle it one step at a time.”

49. Just chillin’

This phrase is used to indicate that someone is relaxing or not doing anything specific. It implies a state of leisure or idleness.

  • For instance, if someone asks what you’re doing, you might respond, “Just chillin’ at home.”
  • A person might say, “I don’t have any plans tonight, so I’ll just be chillin’.”
  • In a conversation about weekend activities, someone might say, “I’m not up for anything fancy, just chillin’ by the pool.”

50. Low-stress

This term is used to describe something as having a low level of stress or pressure. It suggests a relaxed or easygoing nature.

  • For example, if someone is looking for a job, they might say, “I’m looking for a low-stress job.”
  • A person might describe a vacation destination as “low-stress” because it offers a peaceful and calm environment.
  • In a conversation about work environments, someone might say, “I prefer a low-stress job where I can have a good work-life balance.”
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