Top 4 Slang For Encompassing – Meaning & Usage

Encompassing is a word that can cover a wide range of meanings and situations, making it a versatile term in everyday conversations. Whether you’re trying to capture a complex concept or describe a comprehensive idea, having the right slang at your disposal can make all the difference. Join us as we break down the top slang for encompassing that will elevate your language game and help you express yourself with flair. Get ready to expand your vocabulary and embrace the power of words in a whole new way!

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1. Wholistic

Referring to a holistic or comprehensive approach to something, taking into account all aspects and considering the whole rather than just individual parts.

  • For example, in a discussion about healthcare, someone might say, “We need a more wholistic approach that addresses both physical and mental well-being.”
  • A person discussing environmental conservation might argue, “A wholistic approach is necessary to address the interconnectedness of ecosystems.”
  • Another might say, “Wholistic education focuses on the development of the whole person, not just academic achievement.”

2. Panoramic

Describing something that provides a wide or comprehensive view of a particular subject or situation, giving a broad perspective.

  • For instance, in a travel blog, someone might write, “The hike to the top of the mountain offers a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.”
  • In a photography discussion, someone might say, “A wide-angle lens can capture panoramic shots that capture more of the scene.”
  • A person describing a presentation might say, “The speaker provided a panoramic overview of the topic, covering all the key points.”

3. Encircling

Referring to something that surrounds or encompasses a particular object or area.

  • For example, in a discussion about military strategy, someone might say, “The troops formed an encircling movement to surround the enemy.”
  • In a description of a garden, someone might write, “The encircling hedge creates a sense of privacy and intimacy.”
  • A person discussing architectural design might say, “The building’s encircling windows allow for panoramic views of the city.”

4. Encompassing

Describing something that includes or covers a wide range of subjects, ideas, or areas.

  • For instance, in a discussion about a book, someone might say, “The novel takes a deep dive into the human experience, encompassing themes of love, loss, and redemption.”
  • In a description of a curriculum, someone might write, “The program offers an encompassing education that covers all major subjects.”
  • A person discussing a comprehensive approach to problem-solving might say, “We need to take an encompassing view that considers all possible solutions.”
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