Top 15 Slang For Influencer – Meaning & Usage

In the world of social media, influencers hold a significant amount of power and influence over their followers. But, have you ever wondered what they call themselves? We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the top slang terms for influencers that will have you speaking their language in no time. Get ready to level up your social media game and become an influencer extraordinaire!

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1. Online personality

An online personality refers to an individual who has gained popularity and influence through their presence on the internet. They often have a distinct persona or character that they portray to their audience.

  • For example, “This online personality is known for their comedic skits and funny videos.”
  • Another online personality might share, “I love connecting with my audience and sharing my life through social media.”
  • A fan might comment, “This online personality’s content always brightens my day.”

2. Internet celebrity

An internet celebrity is someone who has gained fame and recognition primarily through their online presence. They have a large following and are often known for their content or personality.

  • For instance, “This internet celebrity has millions of followers on various social media platforms.”
  • Another internet celebrity might post, “I can’t believe I’m now an internet celebrity. Thank you all for your support!”
  • Fans might express their admiration by saying, “I’ve been following this internet celebrity since their early days. They deserve all the success!”

3. Brand ambassador

A brand ambassador is an individual who represents and promotes a specific brand or product. They often collaborate with companies and use their influence to endorse products to their audience.

  • For example, “This brand ambassador frequently posts about their favorite skincare brand.”
  • Another brand ambassador might share, “I’m proud to be a brand ambassador for this clothing line. Their designs are amazing!”
  • A follower might comment, “I trust this brand ambassador’s recommendations. I’ll definitely try out the product they’re promoting.”

4. Vlogger

A vlogger is someone who creates and shares video content, often documenting their daily life or sharing their thoughts and experiences. They typically have a YouTube channel or other video-sharing platform as their main platform.

  • For instance, “This vlogger uploads new videos every week, sharing their travel adventures.”
  • Another vlogger might post, “I’m excited to start vlogging and sharing my passion for cooking with all of you!”
  • Viewers might comment, “I love watching this vlogger’s videos. They always inspire me to try new things.”

5. YouTuber

A YouTuber is an individual who creates and shares video content on the platform YouTube. They often have a dedicated following and are known for their unique content or personality.

  • For example, “This YouTuber gained millions of subscribers by posting entertaining challenge videos.”
  • Another YouTuber might share, “I’m grateful for all the support from my subscribers. They’re the reason I continue creating content.”
  • Fans might express their excitement by saying, “I can’t wait for this YouTuber’s next video. They never fail to entertain me!”

6. Web personality

A web personality refers to an individual who has gained popularity and a following on the internet through their content, whether it be videos, podcasts, or social media posts. They often have a distinct online persona that resonates with their audience.

  • For example, “This web personality is known for their hilarious skits on YouTube.”
  • A fan might say, “I love following this web personality on Instagram. Their posts always make me laugh.”
  • In a discussion about digital influencers, someone might ask, “Who is your favorite web personality?”

7. Blogger

A blogger is someone who regularly creates and publishes content on a blog, sharing their thoughts, experiences, and expertise with their audience. They often focus on a specific niche or topic and can have a significant influence on their readers.

  • For instance, “This blogger writes about travel and shares tips for budget-friendly trips.”
  • A reader might comment, “I always look forward to reading this blogger’s new posts. They have such a unique perspective.”
  • In a conversation about the impact of bloggers, someone might say, “Bloggers have the power to shape opinions and trends through their writing.”

8. Micro-influencer

A micro-influencer is an individual who has a smaller but highly engaged and dedicated following on social media. They often specialize in a specific niche and have a more personal connection with their audience.

  • For example, “This micro-influencer focuses on sustainable fashion and shares eco-friendly clothing brands.”
  • A follower might comment, “I love following this micro-influencer because they always provide honest reviews and recommendations.”
  • In a discussion about the effectiveness of micro-influencers, someone might argue, “Micro-influencers can have a higher impact on their audience due to their authenticity and niche expertise.”

9. Fashionista

A fashionista is someone who is passionate about fashion and has a keen sense of style. They often showcase their fashion choices and trends on social media platforms, influencing others with their fashion sense.

  • For instance, “This fashionista always looks effortlessly chic with her unique fashion combinations.”
  • A follower might comment, “I love getting fashion inspiration from this fashionista. She knows how to put together the perfect outfit.”
  • In a conversation about fashion influencers, someone might say, “Fashionistas have the ability to set trends and inspire others with their fashion choices.”

10. Beauty guru

A beauty guru is an individual who is highly knowledgeable and skilled in the field of beauty and cosmetics. They often share tutorials, tips, and product recommendations to help others enhance their beauty routines.

  • For example, “This beauty guru creates amazing makeup looks and provides detailed tutorials on her YouTube channel.”
  • A viewer might comment, “I always trust this beauty guru’s recommendations. She knows what products work best.”
  • In a discussion about the impact of beauty gurus, someone might argue, “Beauty gurus have the power to shape beauty trends and influence consumer choices through their expertise.”

11. Fitness influencer

A fitness influencer is someone who has a significant following on social media and uses their platform to promote fitness-related content, products, or services. They often share workout routines, healthy recipes, and fitness tips with their audience.

  • For example, a fitness influencer might post a video of their intense workout and caption it, “Getting those gains! 💪 #FitnessGoals”
  • They might also promote a fitness brand by sharing a photo of themselves wearing their workout gear and writing, “Obsessed with this new activewear! Check out @brand for some amazing workout clothes!”
  • A fitness influencer might collaborate with a nutrition company and post a sponsored video of themselves making a protein smoothie and recommending the product to their followers.
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12. Lifestyle influencer

A lifestyle influencer is someone who showcases their everyday life and inspires others with their style, travel adventures, home decor, and more. They often have a carefully curated aesthetic and share their experiences and recommendations with their audience.

  • For instance, a lifestyle influencer might post a photo of their beautifully decorated living room and caption it, “Feeling cozy and chic in my new space! #HomeDecor”
  • They might also collaborate with fashion brands and share a photo of themselves wearing their latest collection, writing, “Obsessed with this new collection from @brand! Check them out for some amazing fashion finds!”
  • A lifestyle influencer might document their travel experiences and post a series of photos from their recent vacation, sharing tips and recommendations for their followers.

13. Travel influencer

A travel influencer is someone who travels the world and shares their experiences, tips, and recommendations with their audience. They often post stunning photos and videos of their destinations and provide travel advice and itineraries.

  • For example, a travel influencer might post a photo of themselves on a beautiful beach in Bali and caption it, “Paradise found! 🌴 #TravelGoals”
  • They might also collaborate with hotels and resorts, sharing photos of their luxurious accommodations and writing, “Living the dream at @hotel! Highly recommend this place for your next vacation!”
  • A travel influencer might create travel guides and share them with their followers, giving detailed recommendations on where to eat, stay, and visit in various destinations.

14. Foodie

A foodie is someone who has a passion for food and enjoys exploring different cuisines and dining experiences. They often share mouthwatering photos of their meals, restaurant reviews, and recipes with their audience.

  • For instance, a foodie might post a photo of a beautifully plated dish at a trendy restaurant and caption it, “Food heaven! 😍 #FoodieLife”
  • They might also collaborate with food brands, sharing a photo of themselves using a specific ingredient and writing, “Loving this new product from @brand! Makes my recipes even more delicious!”
  • A foodie might create cooking tutorials and share them with their followers, providing step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a delicious meal.
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15. Gamer

A gamer is someone who enjoys playing video games and often shares their gaming experiences, tips, and strategies with their audience. They may stream their gameplay on platforms like Twitch or create content related to gaming on social media.

  • For example, a gamer might stream themselves playing the latest popular video game and interact with their audience in real-time, answering questions and sharing their thoughts on the game.
  • They might also create video reviews of different games, sharing their opinions and recommendations with their followers.
  • A gamer might participate in gaming tournaments and share their experiences and achievements with their audience, documenting their journey as a competitive gamer.