Top 15 Slang For Main – Meaning & Usage

When it comes to popular slang, staying up-to-date is essential. Slang for Main is a listicle that will introduce you to the coolest and trendiest words for “main” that are currently circulating. From the latest slang to the most used expressions, we’ve got you covered. So get ready to impress your friends and expand your vocabulary with this ultimate guide to slang for main.

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1. Main squeeze

This term refers to someone’s main or primary romantic partner. It is often used to indicate a committed or serious relationship.

  • For example, a person might say, “I can’t wait to spend the weekend with my main squeeze.”
  • In a conversation about relationships, someone might ask, “How long have you been with your main squeeze?”
  • A friend might comment, “You and your main squeeze make such a cute couple.”

2. Mainstream

This term is used to describe something that is considered popular or widely accepted by the general public. It often refers to trends, ideas, or cultural phenomena that have gained widespread popularity.

  • For instance, someone might say, “That song is so mainstream, everyone is listening to it.”
  • In a discussion about fashion, a person might comment, “Those clothes are too mainstream for my taste.”
  • A friend might tease, “You used to like indie bands, but now you’re all about the mainstream music.”

3. Main event

This term refers to the most important or significant part of something. It is often used to describe a highly anticipated or exciting event.

  • For example, someone might say, “The concert last night was the main event of the entire festival.”
  • In a discussion about a sports game, a fan might exclaim, “That goal was the main event of the match!”
  • A friend might ask, “Are you ready for the main event tonight?”

4. Mainstay

This term refers to something that is a long-standing or essential element of something else. It often describes something that is relied upon or considered necessary.

  • For instance, someone might say, “Coffee is a mainstay of my morning routine.”
  • In a discussion about a TV show, a fan might comment, “The mainstay of the series is the strong ensemble cast.”
  • A friend might say, “Family is the mainstay of my support system.”

5. Mainline

This term is primarily used in the context of drug use and refers to the act of injecting drugs directly into a vein. It is often associated with intravenous drug use.

  • For example, someone might say, “He was mainlining heroin for years before seeking help.”
  • In a conversation about drug addiction, a person might mention, “Mainlining drugs can have serious health consequences.”
  • A friend might express concern, “I’m worried about him because he’s been mainlining lately.”

6. Main drag

This term refers to the primary road or street in a town or city. It is often the most important or busiest street in the area.

  • For example, “Let’s meet up at the coffee shop on the main drag.”
  • A local might say, “The main drag is always packed with traffic during rush hour.”
  • Someone might ask, “What’s the best restaurant on the main drag?”

7. Main course

In the context of a meal, the main course refers to the primary dish that is typically larger and more filling than the appetizers or side dishes.

  • For instance, “I had a steak as the main course for dinner.”
  • A restaurant menu might list options like, “Choose your main course: chicken, fish, or vegetarian.”
  • A person might say, “I’m still hungry after the appetizers, I can’t wait for the main course.”

8. Main man

This term is used to refer to someone who is a person’s closest friend or ally. It implies a strong bond or connection.

  • For example, “He’s my main man, we’ve been friends since childhood.”
  • A person might say, “I can always count on my main man to have my back.”
  • When introducing someone, a person might say, “This is my main man, we’ve been through a lot together.”

9. Main attraction

The main attraction refers to the most significant or impressive feature of an event, place, or performance. It is often the highlight or centerpiece that draws the most attention.

  • For instance, “The main attraction of the carnival was the Ferris wheel.”
  • A person might say, “The main attraction of the concert was the famous singer.”
  • When describing a vacation destination, someone might say, “The main attraction is the beautiful beach.”

10. Main chick

This term is used to refer to a person’s primary romantic partner or girlfriend. It implies a level of commitment and exclusivity.

  • For example, “He brought his main chick to the party.”
  • A person might say, “I’m going on vacation with my main chick.”
  • When discussing relationships, someone might ask, “Is she your main chick or just a casual fling?”

11. Main dude

This term is used to refer to a close friend or buddy. It emphasizes the importance and significance of the person in the speaker’s life.

  • For example, “Hey, main dude, let’s grab some food tonight.”
  • A person might introduce their friend by saying, “This is my main dude, we’ve been friends since childhood.”
  • Someone might express gratitude by saying, “Thanks for always having my back, main dude.”

12. Main artery

This term is used to refer to a major road or highway that serves as a main route for transportation.

  • For instance, “The accident caused a major traffic jam on the main artery.”
  • A person might give directions by saying, “Take the main artery and then turn left at the third intersection.”
  • A driver might complain, “I hate driving on the main artery during rush hour.”

13. Mainframe

A mainframe refers to a large and powerful central computer system that is capable of processing and managing vast amounts of data and performing complex tasks.

  • For example, “The company stores all its critical data on the mainframe.”
  • A computer scientist might discuss the importance of mainframes by saying, “Mainframes are still widely used in industries that require high processing power.”
  • Someone might mention, “The mainframe crashed, causing a temporary halt in operations.”

14. Main dish

This term is used to refer to the primary course or the main course of a meal, typically the most substantial and important part.

  • For instance, “The main dish for tonight’s dinner is roast chicken.”
  • A person might ask, “What’s the main dish for the party?”
  • A chef might describe their signature dish by saying, “Our main dish is a mouthwatering steak served with a side of garlic mashed potatoes.”

15. Main homie

Similar to “main dude,” this term is used to refer to a close friend or buddy. It emphasizes the importance and significance of the person in the speaker’s life.

  • For example, “What’s up, main homie? Let’s hang out this weekend.”
  • A person might express loyalty by saying, “I’ll always have your back, main homie.”
  • Someone might introduce their friend by saying, “This is my main homie, we’ve been through thick and thin together.”
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