Top 5 Slang For Mustache – Meaning & Usage

From the classic handlebar to the trendy stubble, mustaches have made a stylish comeback in recent years. But did you know that there are countless slang terms for this facial hair phenomenon? Whether you’re a mustache aficionado or simply curious about the lingo, this listicle is your ultimate guide to the slang for mustache. Get ready to brush up on your vocabulary and have a few laughs along the way!

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1. Selleck

This term refers to the iconic mustache style popularized by actor Tom Selleck. It typically describes a thick, full mustache that extends past the edges of the upper lip.

  • For example, “He’s rocking a Selleck mustache that would make Tom proud.”
  • In a conversation about famous mustaches, someone might say, “One of the most recognizable mustaches in Hollywood history is the Selleck.”
  • A person complimenting someone’s mustache might say, “You’ve got a Selleck going on there!”

2. Magnum

This slang term is a reference to the television series “Magnum, P.I.” in which the main character, played by Tom Selleck, sported a mustache. It is often used to describe a thick, bushy mustache.

  • For instance, “He’s got a Magnum mustache that’s hard to miss.”
  • In a discussion about iconic TV mustaches, someone might say, “The Magnum is right up there with the best of them.”
  • A person admiring someone’s mustache might comment, “That’s a Magnum you’ve got there!”

3. Face fur

This term refers to any type of hair that grows on the face, including the mustache. It is a playful way to describe facial hair.

  • For example, “He’s growing some serious face fur.”
  • In a conversation about grooming, someone might say, “I need to trim my face fur.”
  • A person complimenting someone’s mustache might say, “Nice face fur you’ve got going on there!”

4. Upper lip foliage

This slang term humorously describes a thick and full mustache that covers the upper lip. It compares the mustache to foliage or plant growth.

  • For instance, “He’s got some impressive upper lip foliage.”
  • In a discussion about different mustache styles, someone might say, “I prefer a clean-shaven look over upper lip foliage.”
  • A person complimenting someone’s mustache might comment, “You’ve got some great upper lip foliage going on!”

5. Lip caterpillar

This term playfully compares a small mustache to the segmented body of a caterpillar. It is often used to describe a thin or narrow mustache.

  • For example, “He’s rocking a lip caterpillar that’s barely there.”
  • In a conversation about different mustache styles, someone might say, “I can’t pull off a lip caterpillar like he can.”
  • A person teasing someone about their mustache might say, “Nice lip caterpillar you’ve got growing!”
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