Top 4 Slang For Persuaded – Meaning & Usage

Being persuaded is a common occurrence in our daily lives, whether it’s convincing a friend to try a new restaurant or getting your boss to approve your vacation request. But have you ever stopped to think about the various ways people express being persuaded? Our team has compiled a list of the most popular and trendy slang terms for being persuaded that will not only keep you in the loop but also add a fun twist to your conversations. Get ready to level up your persuasion game with these cool phrases!

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1. Convinced

This term refers to being persuaded or influenced to believe or do something. It implies that someone has been convinced through reasoning or evidence.

  • For example, “After hearing the arguments, she was convinced that it was the right decision.”
  • In a conversation about changing opinions, someone might say, “I used to be against it, but I’ve been convinced otherwise.”
  • One might say, “He convinced me to try the new restaurant by describing the amazing food.”

2. Coerced

To be coerced means to be compelled or pressured into doing something against one’s will. It implies that persuasion was achieved through threats, manipulation, or other forms of force.

  • For instance, “She felt coerced into signing the contract under duress.”
  • In a discussion about unethical practices, someone might say, “Employees should never be coerced into working overtime without proper compensation.”
  • One might warn, “Be wary of anyone trying to coerce you into making a decision you’re uncomfortable with.”

3. Talked into

This term refers to being persuaded or convinced through a conversation or discussion. It implies that someone used their words to influence another person’s thoughts or actions.

  • For example, “He talked me into going on the adventure by highlighting all the exciting aspects.”
  • In a dialogue about trying something new, someone might say, “I wasn’t sure at first, but she talked me into giving it a try.”
  • One might share, “My friend talked me into buying the latest smartphone by explaining all its features.”

4. Swindled

To be swindled means to be deceived or tricked into believing or doing something, often resulting in a loss of money or resources. It implies that someone used dishonest tactics to persuade or manipulate another person.

  • For instance, “He was swindled out of his life savings by a fraudulent investment scheme.”
  • In a conversation about scams, someone might say, “Be careful not to get swindled by online fraudsters.”
  • One might caution, “Always do your research before making any big purchases to avoid being swindled.”
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