Top 30 Slang For Picture – Meaning & Usage

In the age of smartphones and social media, pictures have become a universal language. But did you know that there are slang words specifically for pictures? From the classic “selfie” to the trendy “shelfie,” we’ve got you covered. Join us as we explore the world of picture slang and unlock a whole new level of visual communication!

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1. Pic

This is a shortened version of the word “picture” and is commonly used in informal conversations. It refers to a visual representation or image captured by a camera or device.

  • For example, “Let me take a pic of you with your friends.”
  • A person might say, “I love scrolling through old pics and reminiscing.”
  • Another might ask, “Can you send me that pic you took at the party?”

2. Photo

This term is derived from the word “photograph” and is widely used to refer to a picture or image captured by a camera or device.

  • For instance, “I need to print some photos for my album.”
  • A person might say, “I took a beautiful photo of the sunset yesterday.”
  • Another might comment, “Your profile photo is stunning!”

3. Shot

This slang term is often used to describe a quick or candid photograph taken without much planning or setup.

  • For example, “I got a great shot of the fireworks last night.”
  • A person might say, “Let’s take a group shot before we leave.”
  • Another might ask, “Did you get any good shots during your vacation?”

4. Snap

This term is commonly used to describe a quick or spontaneous photograph taken with a camera or device.

  • For instance, “I just snapped a pic of my dog doing something funny.”
  • A person might say, “Snap a photo of that beautiful view!”
  • Another might comment, “I love looking through old snaps and remembering good times.”

5. Selfie

This slang term specifically refers to a photograph that a person takes of themselves, typically using a front-facing camera on a device.

  • For example, “I took a cute selfie on my vacation.”
  • A person might say, “Let’s take a group selfie to capture this moment.”
  • Another might comment, “She always posts the best selfies on social media.”

6. Piccie

“Piccie” is a slang term for a picture or photograph. It is often used in a casual or playful context.

  • For example, “Let’s take a piccie together!”
  • A person might say, “I just took a cute piccie of my dog.”
  • Another might comment on a friend’s social media post, “Love this piccie of you!”

7. Snapshot

A “snapshot” refers to a quick or spontaneous photograph taken without much preparation or staging. It can also refer to a digital image captured by a smartphone or other device.

  • For instance, “I took a snapshot of the beautiful sunset.”
  • A person might say, “I love looking through old family snapshots.”
  • Another might ask, “Can you take a snapshot of me with this landmark?”

8. Click

To “click” means to take a photo. It refers to the sound made by the camera shutter when a photo is captured.

  • For example, “Hold still while I click a picture of you.”
  • A person might say, “I clicked some amazing photos on my vacation.”
  • Another might ask, “Can you click a picture of us together?”

9. Shotz

“Shotz” is a slang term for photos. It is often used in a casual or informal context.

  • For instance, “I took some great shotz at the concert last night.”
  • A person might say, “I need to transfer my vacation shotz to my computer.”
  • Another might comment on a friend’s Instagram post, “Love your shotz from the beach!”

10. Snaps

“Snaps” is a slang term for photographs. It is often used in a casual or playful context.

  • For example, “I took some awesome snaps at the party.”
  • A person might say, “Check out these snaps I took on my trip.”
  • Another might comment on a friend’s photo album, “You have some beautiful snaps!”

11. Piccy

A shortened, informal term for a picture. It is often used in casual conversation or online communication.

  • For example, “Hey, can you send me that piccy from last night?”
  • Someone might comment on a social media post, “Great piccy! You look amazing.”
  • In a group chat, a friend might ask, “Did anyone take a piccy of the sunset?”

12. Frame

Refers to the arrangement of elements within a picture. It involves deciding what to include and exclude in the frame to create a visually pleasing image.

  • For instance, a photography instructor might say, “Try to frame your subject with the trees in the background.”
  • A friend might suggest, “Move a bit to the left to frame the building better in the picture.”
  • In a discussion about photography techniques, someone might mention, “Framing can add depth and interest to your photos.”

13. Capture

To take a picture or photograph of something or someone. It implies the act of capturing a moment or scene with a camera.

  • For example, a parent might say, “I captured a beautiful sunset on our vacation.”
  • A photographer might ask, “Can I capture a few shots of you for my portfolio?”
  • In a photography workshop, the instructor might explain, “Capturing the essence of a subject is the goal of every photographer.”

14. Kodak moment

Refers to a special or significant moment that is worth capturing in a photograph. The term comes from the advertising slogan used by the Kodak company, which emphasized the importance of capturing and preserving memories.

  • For instance, a couple might say, “This is a Kodak moment. Let’s take a picture!”
  • A friend might comment on a group photo, “This is definitely a Kodak moment. We all look so happy.”
  • In a family gathering, someone might exclaim, “This is a Kodak moment. Everyone is together!”

15. Print

Refers to a physical copy of a picture that has been printed out. It is often used to distinguish from digital or online images.

  • For example, “I have the digital version of the photo, but I also want to print a hard copy.”
  • A photographer might say, “I offer both digital files and prints of my photographs.”
  • In a discussion about photo albums, someone might ask, “Do you prefer prints or digital photos for your albums?”

16. Polaroid

A Polaroid is a type of instant camera that produces self-developing photos. The term “Polaroid” is often used to refer to any instant photo, regardless of the brand or camera used.

  • For example, “I took a Polaroid of my friends at the party.”
  • Someone might say, “I miss the nostalgia of shaking a Polaroid and watching the image appear.”
  • A photographer might mention, “Polaroids have a unique vintage look that can’t be replicated.”

17. Pict

Short for “picture,” “pict” is a slang term used to refer to any type of image or photograph.

  • For instance, “I just posted a pict of my vacation on Instagram.”
  • Someone might ask, “Can you send me that pict you took earlier?”
  • A person might say, “I love capturing beautiful picts of nature.”

18. Pix

“Pix” is a colloquial abbreviation for “pictures.” It is used to refer to multiple images or photographs.

  • For example, “I have a whole album of vacation pix.”
  • Someone might say, “I need to organize my digital pix into folders.”
  • A person might ask, “Can you show me some of your favorite pix?”

19. Image

An “image” refers to a visual representation or depiction of something, often captured through photography or other visual media.

  • For instance, “I captured a stunning image of the sunset.”
  • Someone might say, “That image really captures the essence of the city.”
  • A photographer might discuss, “I’m always striving to create unique and impactful images.”

20. Lens

In the context of slang for picture, “lens” refers to the camera lens, which is the part of the camera that focuses light onto the image sensor or film.

  • For example, “I just got a new lens for my camera and it takes amazing photos.”
  • Someone might ask, “What lens did you use to capture that shot?”
  • A photographer might say, “I love experimenting with different lenses to achieve different visual effects.”

21. Shutterbug

This term refers to someone who is passionate about photography and enjoys taking pictures. It is often used to describe someone who is constantly seen with a camera and enjoys capturing moments.

  • For example, “He’s always carrying around his camera, he’s a real shutterbug.”
  • A friend might say, “I’m not surprised she got into photography, she’s been a shutterbug since high school.”
  • In a photography forum, someone might ask, “Any other shutterbugs here? Let’s share our favorite shots!”

22. Snapper

This term is used to refer to a camera, especially a small and portable one. It can also be used to describe someone who takes pictures frequently or professionally.

  • For instance, “I forgot to bring my snapper, so I couldn’t take any photos.”
  • A photographer might say, “I prefer using a snapper for street photography because it’s more discreet.”
  • In a photography class, the instructor might recommend, “Start with a simple snapper before investing in a professional camera.”

23. Kodak

This term is derived from the Kodak brand, which was one of the most popular camera companies in the past. It is often used as a verb to mean taking a picture or capturing a moment.

  • For example, “Hold on, let me kodak this beautiful sunset.”
  • A parent might say, “Smile and kodak, I want to capture this moment forever.”
  • In a photography workshop, the instructor might say, “Don’t be afraid to kodak the details, they can make a photo more interesting.”

24. Clickety-click

This term mimics the sound of a camera shutter and is used to indicate taking a picture or capturing a moment. It is often used in a playful or nostalgic context.

  • For instance, “Clickety-click, I just took a photo of you!”
  • A friend might say, “Remember the old film cameras? They used to go clickety-click when you took a picture.”
  • In a photography blog post, the author might write, “The sound of clickety-click always brings back memories of my first camera.”

25. Insta

This term is a shortened version of the word “Instagram,” which is a popular social media platform for sharing photos and videos. It is often used to refer to posting pictures on Instagram or to describe something that is visually appealing.

  • For example, “I just posted a new photo on Insta, go check it out!”
  • A friend might say, “That sunset is so Insta-worthy, you should definitely share it.”
  • In a conversation about social media, someone might mention, “I spend way too much time scrolling through Insta.”

26. Filter

A filter is a digital effect applied to a photo to enhance its appearance or create a specific mood. Filters can be used to adjust colors, add texture, or create a vintage look.

  • For example, “I love using the Valencia filter on my photos to give them a warm, nostalgic feel.”
  • A user might comment on a friend’s photo, “The filter you used really makes the colors pop!”
  • Another might say, “I prefer using natural light instead of filters to capture the true beauty of a scene.”

27. Candid

A candid photo is one that is taken without the subject being aware or prepared. It captures a spontaneous and unfiltered moment, often showing genuine emotions or expressions.

  • For instance, “I love taking candid photos of my friends when they’re laughing.”
  • A user might post, “Here’s a candid shot of my dog catching a Frisbee in mid-air!”
  • Another might say, “Candid photos are my favorite because they capture the true essence of a person or event.”

28. Groupie

A groupie is a slang term for a photo that includes a group of people. It is often used to capture memories with friends, family, or colleagues.

  • For example, “Let’s take a groupie to remember this amazing trip!”
  • A user might post, “Here’s a groupie from our family reunion.”
  • Another might say, “We always take a groupie at the end of our team meetings.”

29. Profile pic

A profile pic is the photo or image that represents a person on social media or other online platforms. It is often a small, square image that appears next to a user’s name or username.

  • For instance, “I changed my profile pic to a picture of my favorite vacation spot.”
  • A user might comment on a friend’s profile pic, “You look stunning in your new profile pic!”
  • Another might say, “I need to update my profile pic. It’s been the same for years!”

30. Snappy

Snappy refers to a photo that is taken quickly and captures a specific moment or expression. It can also describe a photo with vibrant colors or strong contrast.

  • For example, “I took a snappy photo of the sunset before it disappeared.”
  • A user might post, “Check out this snappy shot of my new car!”
  • Another might say, “I love using snappy filters to make my photos stand out.”
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