Top 35 Slang For Revamp – Meaning & Usage

Are you ready to give your vocabulary a fresh new look? We’ve got the ultimate list of slang words for revamping your language game. Say goodbye to outdated expressions and hello to the trendiest phrases that will have you speaking like a pro in no time. Let’s dive in and upgrade your slang knowledge with our handpicked selection of the coolest and most current terms for a linguistic makeover!

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1. Upgrade

To improve or enhance something, often by adding new features or technology. “Upgrade” is commonly used in the context of improving computer hardware or software, but can also refer to improving other things like a car or a house.

  • For example, a tech enthusiast might say, “I just upgraded my computer’s graphics card and now I can play games at a higher resolution.”
  • A person discussing home renovations might say, “We decided to upgrade our kitchen appliances to more modern ones.”
  • In a business context, someone might say, “We need to upgrade our website to attract more customers.”

2. Refresh

To give something a new and improved appearance or functionality. “Refresh” can refer to making small changes or updates to something to make it feel new again.

  • For instance, a company might refresh their logo to give it a more modern look.
  • A person might decide to refresh their wardrobe by buying some new clothes.
  • In the context of a website, someone might say, “We need to refresh the design to make it more user-friendly.”

3. Overhaul

To completely renovate or reconstruct something, often with the intention of improving its overall performance or appearance. “Overhaul” suggests a more extensive and thorough transformation than just a simple upgrade or refresh.

  • For example, a car enthusiast might say, “I’m planning to overhaul the engine to increase its horsepower.”
  • In the context of a business, someone might say, “We need to overhaul our marketing strategy to reach a wider audience.”
  • A person discussing home renovations might say, “We’re going to overhaul the entire bathroom to make it more modern and functional.”

4. Renovate

To make significant changes or improvements to something, often by repairing or updating it. “Renovate” typically refers to improving the condition or appearance of a building or space.

  • For instance, a homeowner might decide to renovate their kitchen by installing new cabinets and countertops.
  • A hotel might renovate its rooms to attract more guests.
  • In the context of a historical building, someone might say, “We need to renovate the facade to preserve its original charm.”

5. Refurbish

To renovate or restore something to a better condition, often by cleaning, repairing, or updating it. “Refurbish” implies giving new life to something that may be worn or outdated.

  • For example, a furniture store might refurbish old chairs by reupholstering them and adding a fresh coat of paint.
  • A person might decide to refurbish their smartphone by replacing the battery and updating the software.
  • In the context of a hotel, someone might say, “We need to refurbish the lobby to create a more welcoming atmosphere.”

6. Modernize

To bring something up to date by incorporating modern or contemporary elements. “Modernize” is often used to describe the process of making something more relevant or in line with current trends.

  • For example, a company might say, “We need to modernize our website to attract younger customers.”
  • A person discussing technology might say, “The new smartphone features modernized software that enhances user experience.”
  • Another might comment, “The fashion industry constantly modernizes classic styles to appeal to younger generations.”

7. Transform

To completely change the form, appearance, or nature of something. “Transform” implies a radical and significant overhaul that results in a complete shift or alteration.

  • For instance, a person might say, “I transformed my diet and lost 50 pounds.”
  • In a discussion about urban development, someone might say, “The city transformed the rundown neighborhood into a vibrant community.”
  • A company might advertise, “Our product will transform your home into a smart and efficient space.”

8. Revitalize

To bring new life, energy, or vitality to something that has become stagnant or dull. “Revitalize” often implies a process of rejuvenation or restoration to a former state of vibrancy.

  • For example, a person might say, “I took a vacation to revitalize myself after a busy period at work.”
  • In a discussion about urban planning, someone might say, “The park renovation project will revitalize the neighborhood.”
  • A beauty product might claim, “Our revitalizing serum will give your skin a youthful glow.”

9. Reinvent

To create something entirely new or in a different form by making significant changes or alterations. “Reinvent” suggests a complete departure from the original concept or design.

  • For instance, a musician might say, “I wanted to reinvent my sound and try a different genre.”
  • In a discussion about fashion, someone might comment, “The designer’s collection reinvents classic silhouettes with avant-garde elements.”
  • A company might advertise, “We have reinvented the way people communicate with our innovative messaging app.”

10. Redesign

To design something again or in a different way, often with the goal of improving its functionality, aesthetics, or user experience. “Redesign” implies a deliberate and intentional effort to create a new and improved version.

  • For example, a company might say, “We are planning to redesign our logo to better reflect our brand identity.”
  • In a discussion about interior design, someone might say, “I want to redesign my living room to create a more inviting space.”
  • A website might announce, “We have redesigned our platform to provide a more intuitive user interface.”

11. Revise

To make changes or corrections to something, typically a written document or piece of work. “Revise” is often used in an academic or professional context.

  • For example, a student might say, “I need to revise my essay before turning it in.”
  • A writer might mention, “I always revise my drafts multiple times before submitting them.”
  • A teacher might advise, “Be sure to revise your answers before submitting your test.”

12. Revive

To restore something to a living or active state after it has been dormant or inactive. “Revive” can also refer to bringing back a trend or idea.

  • For instance, a doctor might say, “We were able to revive the patient after performing CPR.”
  • A person might mention, “I love how fashion trends from the ’90s are being revived.”
  • A musician might say, “I want to revive the sound of classic rock in my new album.”

13. Rejuvenate

To make someone or something look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively. “Rejuvenate” is often used to describe actions taken to improve one’s physical or mental well-being.

  • For example, a person might say, “I need a vacation to rejuvenate myself.”
  • A spa might advertise, “Our facials will rejuvenate your skin and leave you feeling refreshed.”
  • A fitness instructor might say, “Exercise is a great way to rejuvenate your body and mind.”

14. Resurrect

To bring someone or something back to life after death or a long period of inactivity. “Resurrect” can also be used metaphorically to mean bringing back an old idea or concept.

  • For instance, a religious person might believe in the resurrection of the dead.
  • A filmmaker might say, “I want to resurrect this classic horror franchise.”
  • A historian might mention, “The discovery of ancient artifacts can help resurrect lost civilizations.”

15. Reimagine

To imagine or conceive something in a new or different way. “Reimagine” often implies a creative or innovative approach to a concept or idea.

  • For example, an artist might say, “I want to reimagine traditional landscape paintings in a more abstract style.”
  • A company might advertise, “We’re reimagining the future of transportation with our new electric vehicles.”
  • A designer might mention, “I love to reimagine vintage fashion trends and give them a modern twist.”

16. Reconstruct

To completely rebuild or renovate something, often with the goal of improving it or fixing any existing issues.

  • For example, “The company decided to reconstruct their website to make it more user-friendly.”
  • In a discussion about urban development, someone might suggest, “We should reconstruct this old building to preserve its historical value.”
  • A person talking about personal growth might say, “I had to reconstruct my mindset in order to achieve my goals.”

17. Rebrand

To change the image or identity of a product, company, or organization, often to appeal to a new or different target audience.

  • For instance, “The company decided to rebrand their logo and packaging to attract younger customers.”
  • In a marketing meeting, someone might suggest, “We should rebrand our product to position it as more premium.”
  • A person discussing a career change might say, “I’m planning to rebrand myself by updating my resume and online presence.”

18. Reinvigorate

To give new energy, life, or enthusiasm to something that has become stale or stagnant.

  • For example, “The team held a brainstorming session to reinvigorate their marketing strategy.”
  • In a conversation about a failing business, someone might suggest, “They need to reinvigorate their product line to attract customers.”
  • A person talking about personal motivation might say, “I started going to the gym to reinvigorate my fitness routine.”

19. Reengineer

To redesign or modify a system, process, or product in order to improve its efficiency, performance, or functionality.

  • For instance, “The company decided to reengineer their manufacturing process to reduce costs.”
  • In a discussion about software development, someone might suggest, “We should reengineer this code to make it more scalable.”
  • A person talking about personal growth might say, “I had to reengineer my daily routine to make time for self-care.”

20. Rekindle

To reignite or bring back something that was once strong or passionate, often referring to a relationship or a feeling.

  • For example, “They decided to rekindle their friendship after years of being apart.”
  • In a conversation about a lost hobby, someone might say, “I’m planning to rekindle my love for painting.”
  • A person talking about a past romance might say, “I still hope to rekindle our relationship in the future.”

21. Reawaken

To bring something back to life or restore its vitality. “Reawaken” is often used metaphorically to describe giving new life or energy to a project or idea.

  • For example, a team might say, “Let’s reawaken this old marketing campaign and give it a fresh spin.”
  • A writer might describe a character’s transformation as, “She reawakened her passion for life and embraced new opportunities.”
  • A motivational speaker might encourage their audience, “It’s never too late to reawaken your dreams and pursue them with renewed vigor.”

22. Reestablish

To bring back or reinstate something that was previously in place. “Reestablish” is often used to describe the act of restoring a system, relationship, or organization to its former state.

  • For instance, a company might announce, “We are working to reestablish our presence in the market and regain customer trust.”
  • In a political context, a leader might say, “Our goal is to reestablish diplomatic relations with neighboring countries.”
  • A historian might discuss efforts to reestablish historical accuracy in a museum exhibit.
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23. Enhance

To make something better or more valuable. “Enhance” is often used to describe the act of improving the quality, performance, or appearance of something.

  • For example, a photographer might say, “I used editing software to enhance the colors in this photo.”
  • A chef might describe a dish as, “The garnish enhances the visual appeal and flavor of the dish.”
  • A designer might explain, “Adding a pop of color will enhance the overall aesthetic of the room.”

24. Innovate

To introduce new ideas, methods, or technologies. “Innovate” is often used to describe the act of creating something new or improving upon existing concepts.

  • For instance, a tech company might advertise, “We are constantly innovating to bring you the latest advancements in smartphone technology.”
  • An entrepreneur might say, “Our goal is to innovate and disrupt the industry with our unique product.”
  • A teacher might encourage students, “Think outside the box and innovate new solutions to the problem.”

25. Restyle

To give something a new style or appearance. “Restyle” is often used to describe the act of updating or changing the design or aesthetics of something.

  • For example, a fashion designer might say, “I’m going to restyle this old dress into a trendy jumpsuit.”
  • A hairstylist might suggest, “Let’s restyle your hair with a new cut and color for a fresh look.”
  • A home decorator might advise, “Restyling the living room with new furniture and accessories will give it a modern vibe.”

26. Remodel

To remodel a house, you might tear down walls or add new rooms.

  • A person might say, “We’re planning to remodel our kitchen next year.”
  • In a discussion about home improvement, someone might ask, “Have you ever remodeled a bathroom before?”
  • A homeowner might hire a contractor to remodel their outdated living room.
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27. Rejuvenize

A skincare product might claim to rejuvenize the skin and reduce signs of aging.

  • For example, a person might say, “I need a vacation to rejuvenize my mind and body.”
  • A spa might offer treatments that rejuvenize the skin and leave it glowing.
  • A person might use makeup to rejuvenize their appearance and hide signs of fatigue.

28. Revamp

A company might revamp its logo to attract a younger audience.

  • For instance, a person might say, “I’m going to revamp my wardrobe and update my style.”
  • A website might revamp its layout to make it more user-friendly and modern.
  • A business might revamp its marketing strategy to reach a larger customer base.

29. Reenergize

A cup of coffee in the morning can reenergize you for the day ahead.

  • For example, a person might say, “I need to take a break and reenergize myself.”
  • A team might have a pep talk during halftime to reenergize their players.
  • A person might listen to upbeat music to reenergize their mood.

30. Rejuvenesce

A skincare routine can help rejuvenesce the skin and reduce signs of aging.

  • For instance, a person might say, “I want to rejuvenesce my appearance with a new haircut.”
  • A person might use anti-aging products to rejuvenesce their skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • A person might engage in activities that rejuvenesce their mind, such as learning a new skill.

31. Recharge

To replenish or renew energy or vitality.

  • For example, “I need to take a break and recharge my batteries.”
  • A person might say, “A good night’s sleep can recharge your body and mind.”
  • Someone might suggest, “Go for a walk in nature to recharge and clear your mind.”

32. Reanimate

To bring back to life or restore vitality.

  • For instance, “The doctor was able to reanimate the patient after a cardiac arrest.”
  • In a discussion about horror movies, one might say, “The mad scientist reanimated the dead with his experiments.”
  • A person might use the term metaphorically and say, “A cup of coffee can reanimate me in the morning.”

33. Makeover

A complete or significant change in appearance or style.

  • For example, “She gave her room a makeover with new furniture and paint.”
  • In a discussion about fashion, someone might say, “A makeover can boost someone’s confidence.”
  • A person might suggest, “If you’re feeling stuck, a makeover can help you feel refreshed and motivated.”

34. Reboot

To start over or begin again, often with a fresh approach.

  • For instance, “I’m going to reboot my exercise routine and start from scratch.”
  • In a conversation about technology, someone might say, “Sometimes you just need to reboot your computer to fix a glitch.”
  • A person might use the term metaphorically and say, “I need to reboot my life and make some changes.”

35. Reshape

To change the form or structure of something.

  • For example, “The artist reshaped the clay into a new sculpture.”
  • In a discussion about body image, someone might say, “Reshaping your mindset is key to accepting and loving your body.”
  • A person might suggest, “Reshape your goals to align with your true passions and values.”