Top 2 Slang For Simplify – Meaning & Usage

Simplifying our language is a trend that’s here to stay, making communication clearer and more efficient. Whether you’re a language enthusiast or just looking to stay up-to-date, our team has gathered the top slang terms that will help you streamline your conversations and stay in the loop. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a more straightforward way of expressing yourself with our listicle on slang for simplify.

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1. Strip it back

This phrase means to remove unnecessary elements or complexities in order to simplify something. It suggests getting rid of any excess or non-essential components.

  • For example, a designer might say, “Let’s strip it back to just the essential elements for a cleaner look.”
  • In a cooking context, someone might advise, “To simplify the recipe, strip it back to the basic ingredients.”
  • A manager might say, “We need to strip back the project to its core objectives to make it more manageable.”

2. Make it a breeze

This phrase means to make something simple or effortless. It implies removing any difficulties or obstacles to make a task or process easier to accomplish.

  • For instance, a teacher might say, “With these tips, we can make learning math a breeze.”
  • A fitness instructor might encourage their class, “Let’s modify the exercise to make it a breeze for beginners.”
  • In a work setting, a colleague might suggest, “We can automate that process to make it a breeze for everyone.”
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