Top 17 Slang For Valued – Meaning & Usage

Feeling valued is essential in any relationship, whether it’s with friends, family, or colleagues. But how do we express this sentiment in today’s fast-paced world? Join us as we uncover the latest and most popular slang terms that convey the feeling of being valued. Stay ahead of the curve and add these phrases to your lexicon to show your appreciation in style!

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1. Treasured

Something that is treasured holds great value or importance to someone. It is something that is deeply cherished and often has sentimental or emotional significance.

  • For example, a person might say, “This necklace is a treasured family heirloom.”
  • When talking about a special possession, someone might say, “This book is one of my most treasured possessions.”
  • A parent might say, “My children are my most treasured gifts.”

2. Cherished

To cherish something means to hold it dear and value it greatly. It implies a deep emotional attachment or appreciation for something or someone.

  • For instance, a person might say, “I cherish the memories I have of my grandparents.”
  • When talking about a close friendship, someone might say, “She is a cherished friend.”
  • A person might express their love for a partner by saying, “You are my most cherished person.”

3. Esteemed

To be esteemed means to be held in high regard or respected by others. It implies that someone is highly regarded and valued for their qualities or achievements.

  • For example, a person might say, “She is an esteemed professor in her field.”
  • When talking about a respected leader, someone might say, “He is an esteemed member of the community.”
  • A person might express their admiration for someone by saying, “I hold her in high esteem for her dedication and hard work.”

4. Prized

Something that is prized is highly valued and often considered to be of great worth or importance. It is something that is held in high regard and is often cherished or treasured.

  • For instance, a person might say, “This medal is my most prized possession.”
  • When talking about a special accomplishment, someone might say, “Winning that award was a prized moment in my career.”
  • A person might express their appreciation for a unique item by saying, “This artwork is highly prized for its rarity and beauty.”

5. Admired

To be admired means to be respected, looked up to, or held in high esteem by others. It implies that someone is recognized for their qualities, achievements, or actions.

  • For example, a person might say, “She is an admired leader in her industry.”
  • When talking about a role model, someone might say, “He is an admired figure for his philanthropic efforts.”
  • A person might express their admiration for a friend by saying, “I’ve always admired her determination and perseverance.”

6. Revered

When someone is revered, they are held in high esteem and are deeply respected by others.

  • For example, “Nelson Mandela is revered for his fight against apartheid.”
  • A religious leader might be revered by their followers for their wisdom and guidance.
  • A legendary musician might be revered for their groundbreaking contributions to the industry.
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7. Honored

When someone is honored, they are given special recognition or shown respect for their achievements or qualities.

  • For instance, “She was honored with a prestigious award for her humanitarian work.”
  • A soldier might be honored for their bravery and sacrifice.
  • A community might honor a local hero by naming a street after them.

8. Appreciated

When someone is appreciated, their worth or contribution is acknowledged and recognized.

  • For example, “I really appreciate your help with this project.”
  • A teacher might appreciate their students’ hard work and dedication.
  • A friend might appreciate the support and understanding they receive from their loved ones.

9. Respected

When someone is respected, they are highly regarded and held in esteem by others.

  • For instance, “He is respected for his knowledge and expertise in the field.”
  • A leader might be respected for their fairness and integrity.
  • A mentor might be respected for their guidance and support.

10. Beloved

When someone or something is beloved, they are adored and held dear by others.

  • For example, “The actor was beloved by fans all over the world.”
  • A pet might be beloved by their owner for their loyalty and companionship.
  • A classic book might be beloved by readers for its timeless story and relatable characters.

11. Reverenced

To hold someone or something in high regard or esteem. It implies a deep respect or admiration for the person or thing.

  • For example, “The Nobel Prize winner is revered for his groundbreaking research.”
  • A religious figure might be described as “reverenced by his followers.”
  • A historical figure might be “reverenced for their contributions to society.”
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12. Regarded

To have a specific opinion or perception of someone or something. It implies a level of importance or significance.

  • For instance, “She is regarded as one of the best athletes in the world.”
  • A book might be “regarded as a literary masterpiece.”
  • A person might be “regarded with suspicion.”

13. Idolized

To worship or idolize someone or something. It implies a strong and often unrealistic admiration or devotion.

  • For example, “Many teenagers idolize their favorite celebrities.”
  • A sports star might be “idolized by their fans.”
  • A fictional character might be “idolized for their bravery and heroism.”

14. Venerated

To hold someone or something in high regard or esteem. It implies a level of reverence or awe.

  • For instance, “The ancient temple is venerated as a sacred site.”
  • A national hero might be “venerated for their sacrifice.”
  • A cultural tradition might be “venerated as a symbol of heritage.”

15. Precious

To hold someone or something in high regard or affection. It implies a sense of sentimental value or importance.

  • For example, “A grandmother’s necklace is a precious heirloom.”
  • A child might be described as “precious to their parents.”
  • A rare gemstone might be “precious for its beauty and rarity.”

16. Adored

To adore someone or something means to have a great affection or admiration for them. It implies a strong emotional connection and a deep sense of love and admiration.

  • For example, “She adored her newborn baby, showering him with love and affection.”
  • In a romantic context, someone might say, “I adore my partner and can’t imagine my life without them.”
  • A person might express their adoration for a celebrity by saying, “I absolutely adore Taylor Swift’s music and talent.”

17. Valued

To value something or someone means to consider them important, worthwhile, and deserving of appreciation and respect. It implies recognizing their worth and showing gratitude for their presence or contribution.

  • For instance, “She felt valued and appreciated in her workplace, which motivated her to excel in her job.”
  • In a personal relationship, someone might say, “I value our friendship and cherish the moments we spend together.”
  • A person might express their value for nature by saying, “I deeply value the beauty and serenity of the natural world.”