Top 62 Slang For Event – Meaning & Usage

Events are a great opportunity to have fun and connect with others, but sometimes it feels like everyone else is speaking a different language. Well, fear not! We’ve got you covered with a list of the hottest event slang words and phrases that will make you the life of the party. So get ready to level up your event vocabulary and impress your friends with your newfound knowledge!

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1. Shindig

A shindig is a lively and informal social gathering or party. It is often characterized by music, dancing, and general merriment.

  • For example, “We’re throwing a shindig at our place this weekend. Come join us!”
  • Someone might say, “Last night’s shindig was a blast. The music was amazing!”
  • A person might invite their friends by saying, “Let’s have a shindig to celebrate the end of the semester!”

2. Bash

A bash refers to a festive and lively celebration or party. It is often used to describe an event that is particularly fun or exciting.

  • For instance, “We’re throwing a beach bash to celebrate summer!”
  • A person might say, “The New Year’s Eve bash was the highlight of the year.”
  • Someone might invite their friends by saying, “Come over to my place for a movie night bash!”

3. Soiree

A soiree is an elegant and sophisticated social gathering or party, typically held in the evening. It is often associated with high-class or formal events.

  • For example, “We attended a soiree at the ambassador’s residence last night.”
  • Someone might say, “The charity gala was a glamorous soiree with live music and exquisite food.”
  • A person might invite their colleagues by saying, “Join us for a networking soiree at the upscale rooftop bar.”

4. Rager

A rager refers to a wild and intense party or event. It is often characterized by loud music, excessive drinking, and a lively atmosphere.

  • For instance, “Last night’s house party was a rager. The whole neighborhood could hear the music!”
  • A person might say, “We’re throwing a rager to celebrate the end of exams. Prepare for a wild night!”
  • Someone might describe a memorable party by saying, “I’ve been to many parties, but that rager was on a whole different level.”

5. Hoedown

A hoedown is an informal and lively party, often featuring country music, dancing, and traditional American folk activities. It is typically associated with rural or Western-themed events.

  • For example, “The barn dance turned into a hoedown with everyone joining in the line dancing.”
  • Someone might say, “We’re having a hoedown in the backyard with a bonfire and s’mores.”
  • A person might invite their friends by saying, “Put on your cowboy boots and join us for a hoedown to celebrate the harvest season!”

6. Hootenanny

A hootenanny is an informal social gathering or party, usually featuring live music and dancing. It is often characterized by a lively and festive atmosphere.

  • For example, “Let’s throw a hootenanny to celebrate the end of the semester.”
  • A person might say, “I had a blast at the hootenanny last night. The band was amazing!”
  • Another might invite friends by saying, “Come join us for a hootenanny in the backyard this Saturday!”

7. Fête

A fête is a fancy or elaborate celebration or festival, often with a specific theme or purpose. It is typically characterized by elegance and sophistication.

  • For instance, “The royal wedding was a grand fête attended by dignitaries from around the world.”
  • A person might say, “I’m organizing a fête to raise funds for a local charity.”
  • Another might describe a memorable event by saying, “The fête was filled with exquisite decorations, gourmet food, and live entertainment.”

8. Blowout

A blowout is a wild or extravagant party, typically characterized by excessive drinking, dancing, and revelry. It is often used to describe a celebration that goes beyond the usual limits or expectations.

  • For example, “We had a blowout for my friend’s birthday and partied until dawn.”
  • A person might say, “The New Year’s Eve blowout was the highlight of the year.”
  • Another might describe a memorable event by saying, “The blowout was epic, with non-stop music, dancing, and laughter.”

9. Gala

A gala is a formal event or ball, often held to raise funds for a charitable cause or to honor a special occasion. It is typically characterized by elegance, glamour, and high social status.

  • For instance, “The annual charity gala was attended by celebrities and influential figures.”
  • A person might say, “I’m wearing a designer gown to the gala tonight.”
  • Another might describe a memorable event by saying, “The gala was a night of opulence, with gourmet cuisine, live performances, and stunning decorations.”

10. Mixer

A mixer is a social gathering or party where people can meet and socialize with others, often with the goal of making new connections or finding potential romantic partners. It is typically characterized by a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

  • For example, “The office mixer was a great opportunity to network with colleagues.”
  • A person might say, “I’m going to a mixer tonight to meet new people.”
  • Another might describe a memorable event by saying, “The mixer had a fun icebreaker activity and plenty of delicious food and drinks.”

11. Jam

A jam refers to a casual and informal gathering or event where people come together to enjoy music, typically by playing instruments or singing. It can also refer to a session where musicians improvise and play together.

  • For example, “Let’s have a jam at my place this weekend. Bring your guitar!”
  • A musician might say, “I had an amazing jam session with some talented artists last night.”
  • Someone might ask, “Is there a jam happening tonight? I feel like playing some music.”

12. Fest

Short for “festival,” a fest is an event or gathering that is usually focused on a specific theme or activity. It often involves music, food, and various forms of entertainment.

  • For instance, “I can’t wait for the summer fest. There will be live bands and food trucks.”
  • A music lover might say, “I attended a rock fest last year. The lineup was incredible.”
  • Someone might ask, “Are there any fests happening in the city this weekend?”

13. Happening

Happening is a slang term used to describe an event or gathering, typically one that is exciting, interesting, or noteworthy. It can refer to a wide range of events, from parties to concerts to cultural festivals.

  • For example, “I heard there’s a happening at the park this weekend. Let’s check it out!”
  • A friend might say, “I’m organizing a happening for my birthday. It’s going to be epic.”
  • Someone might ask, “What’s the happening in town tonight? I’m looking for something fun to do.”

14. Get-together

A get-together is a casual and informal event where people come together, usually for socializing, catching up, or celebrating a specific occasion. It can range from a small gathering of friends to a larger gathering with family and acquaintances.

  • For instance, “Let’s have a get-together at my place this Friday. We can have a barbecue.”
  • A person might say, “We’re having a family get-together to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday.”
  • Someone might ask, “Are you going to the office get-together tonight?”

15. Wingding

A wingding is a lively and festive party or event, often characterized by energetic music, dancing, and a celebratory atmosphere. It can also refer to a wild or extravagant gathering.

  • For example, “We had a wingding last night. The dance floor was packed.”
  • A friend might say, “I’m organizing a wingding for my graduation. It’s going to be the party of the year.”
  • Someone might ask, “Do you know of any wingdings happening this weekend? I’m in the mood to dance.”

16. Rendezvous

A rendezvous refers to a planned meeting or gathering between two or more people at a specific time and place. It often implies a secret or romantic meeting.

  • For example, “Let’s have a rendezvous at the park tomorrow evening.”
  • A couple might plan a secret rendezvous at a hotel.
  • In a spy novel, the protagonist might arrange a rendezvous with their contact.
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17. Powwow

A powwow is a Native American gathering or conference that involves singing, dancing, and socializing. It is a cultural event where people come together to celebrate and discuss important matters.

  • For instance, “The tribe is organizing a powwow to discuss land rights.”
  • A powwow might feature traditional dances and songs.
  • Native American communities often hold powwows to preserve their cultural heritage.

18. Jamboree

A jamboree is a large celebration or gathering that is typically festive and lively. It often involves music, dancing, and various activities.

  • For example, “The town is hosting a summer jamboree with live music and food.”
  • A jamboree might include carnival games and rides.
  • People come from all over to attend the annual jamboree in the city.

19. Fiasco

A fiasco refers to a disastrous or humiliating event that is often the result of poor planning or execution. It implies a complete failure or debacle.

  • For instance, “The party turned into a fiasco when the caterer didn’t show up.”
  • A failed product launch can be described as a fiasco.
  • A disastrous concert with technical difficulties and unhappy attendees can be called a fiasco.

20. Affair

An affair is a social gathering or event, often elegant or formal in nature. It can refer to a party, reception, or other similar occasions.

  • For example, “The charity gala was a grand affair attended by celebrities.”
  • An affair might include a dinner and dancing.
  • A couple might host a small, intimate affair for their wedding.

21. Expo

An expo is a large-scale exhibition or showcase where companies, organizations, or industries display their products, services, or ideas to the public. It is often used as a platform for networking, marketing, and promoting new innovations.

  • For example, “I attended the tech expo and got to see the latest gadgets.”
  • A business owner might say, “We’re participating in the trade expo to reach a wider audience.”
  • A visitor might comment, “The art expo had some amazing paintings and sculptures on display.”

22. Symposium

A symposium is a formal meeting or conference where experts, scholars, or professionals gather to discuss a specific topic or exchange information and ideas. It usually involves presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions.

  • For instance, “The symposium on climate change brought together scientists from around the world.”
  • A participant might say, “I presented my research at the symposium and received valuable feedback.”
  • An organizer might announce, “We’re hosting a symposium on artificial intelligence next month.”

23. Convention

A convention is a large gathering or assembly of people who share a common interest, hobby, or profession. It often includes various activities, such as workshops, seminars, exhibitions, and social events.

  • For example, “Comic-Con is a popular convention for fans of comics and pop culture.”
  • A participant might say, “I attended a gaming convention and got to try out new video games.”
  • An organizer might promote, “The convention will feature guest speakers, live performances, and interactive sessions.”

24. Showcase

A showcase is an event or display that highlights and presents something in the best possible way. It is often used to feature talent, creativity, or achievements and can refer to various types of events, such as art shows, music performances, or product launches.

  • For instance, “The fashion show was a showcase of the latest trends.”
  • An artist might say, “I’m having a gallery showcase to exhibit my paintings.”
  • A company representative might announce, “We’re hosting a product showcase to unveil our new line of smartphones.”

25. Launch party

A launch party is a celebratory event held to mark the introduction or release of a new product, service, or venture. It is often used as a marketing tool to generate excitement, create buzz, and attract attention to the launch.

  • For example, “The company threw a launch party for their new app.”
  • A guest might say, “The launch party had live music, free drinks, and giveaways.”
  • An organizer might invite, “Join us for a launch party to celebrate the opening of our new store.”

26. Premiere

The first public showing or performance of a movie, play, or other type of entertainment. A premiere often involves red carpet events, celebrity appearances, and media coverage.

  • For example, “The premiere of the new Avengers movie was a star-studded event.”
  • A film critic might say, “The premiere of this indie film generated a lot of buzz.”
  • A fan might excitedly announce, “I got tickets to the premiere of my favorite band’s new music video!”

27. Opening night

The first performance of a theatrical production, musical, or other live entertainment. It is often associated with anticipation, excitement, and sometimes nervousness.

  • For instance, “The opening night of the Broadway show was a huge success.”
  • A theater enthusiast might say, “I always love the energy of opening night.”
  • A cast member might share, “We had a few hiccups on opening night, but overall it went well.”

28. Charity event

An organized gathering or activity held to raise money for a charitable cause. Charity events can take various forms, such as galas, auctions, walks, or concerts.

  • For example, “The charity event raised thousands of dollars for cancer research.”
  • A volunteer might say, “I helped organize a charity event to support local shelters.”
  • A donor might share, “Attending a charity event is a great way to give back to the community.”

29. Fundraiser

An effort to collect money or resources for a specific purpose, often for a nonprofit organization or charity. Fundraisers can involve various activities, such as selling products, hosting events, or soliciting donations.

  • For instance, “The school organized a fundraiser to raise funds for new playground equipment.”
  • A participant might say, “I’m running a marathon as part of a fundraising campaign for a children’s hospital.”
  • A supporter might share, “I donated to a friend’s online fundraiser for a local animal shelter.”

30. Benefit concert

A musical performance or concert held to raise funds for a charitable cause. Benefit concerts often feature well-known musicians or bands who donate their time and talent to support a specific organization or initiative.

  • For example, “The benefit concert for hurricane relief featured performances by top artists.”
  • A music fan might say, “I attended a benefit concert to support a cause I care about.”
  • An organizer might announce, “We’re hosting a benefit concert to raise awareness and funds for mental health initiatives.”

31. Awards ceremony

An awards ceremony is a formal event where awards are given to recognize outstanding achievements in various fields such as entertainment, sports, or academia. It is often a glamorous affair with celebrities, red carpets, and elegant attire.

  • For example, “The Oscars is the most prestigious awards ceremony in the film industry.”
  • A fan might say, “I can’t wait to see who wins at the music awards ceremony tonight.”
  • A journalist might write, “The awards ceremony was filled with excitement and emotional acceptance speeches.”

32. Red carpet event

A red carpet event refers to a special occasion where celebrities and VIPs walk on a red carpet before entering a venue. It is typically associated with premieres, award shows, or high-profile parties.

  • For instance, “The red carpet event for the movie premiere was attended by A-list celebrities.”
  • A fashion enthusiast might comment, “I love seeing the glamorous outfits at red carpet events.”
  • A reporter might cover, “The red carpet event was buzzing with excitement as fans gathered to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars.”

33. Fashion show

A fashion show is an event where designers showcase their latest clothing and accessory collections, usually on a runway. It is a platform for designers to display their creativity and for industry professionals to discover new trends.

  • For example, “The fashion show featured avant-garde designs that pushed the boundaries of traditional fashion.”
  • A fashion blogger might write, “Attending a fashion show is a great way to get inspired and stay updated on the latest trends.”
  • A model might say, “Walking the runway in a fashion show is both thrilling and nerve-wracking.”

34. Art exhibition

An art exhibition is a curated display of artwork by one or multiple artists, held in a gallery or museum. It provides a platform for artists to showcase their work and for art enthusiasts to appreciate and purchase art.

  • For instance, “The art exhibition featured a diverse range of paintings, sculptures, and installations.”
  • An art critic might review, “The art exhibition was a thought-provoking exploration of social issues.”
  • An artist might invite, “Come to my art exhibition and experience my latest creations.”

35. Film festival

A film festival is an event that showcases a selection of films from various genres and countries. It is an opportunity for filmmakers to gain recognition and for movie enthusiasts to discover new and unique films.

  • For example, “The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.”
  • A film critic might write, “Attending a film festival allows you to explore a wide range of cinematic experiences.”
  • A director might say, “Being selected for a film festival is a great honor and validation of my work.”

36. Food festival

A food festival is an event that showcases a wide variety of food and beverages from different vendors or restaurants. It is a gathering of food enthusiasts who come together to indulge in different cuisines and culinary experiences.

  • For example, “I can’t wait to try all the delicious street food at the food festival this weekend.”
  • A food blogger might write, “The food festival was a feast for the senses with its array of flavors and aromas.”
  • A visitor might say, “The food festival had everything from gourmet dishes to local street food.”

37. Music festival

A music festival is a multi-day event that features live performances by various artists or bands across different genres of music. It is a celebration of music where people come together to enjoy live performances, discover new artists, and immerse themselves in a vibrant atmosphere.

  • For instance, “I had an amazing time dancing and singing along at the music festival.”
  • A music enthusiast might say, “The music festival had an incredible lineup of both established and up-and-coming artists.”
  • A concert-goer might share, “The music festival had multiple stages, so I could choose which artists to see.”

38. Sporting event

A sporting event is a competition or game that involves physical skills and is usually organized between teams or individuals. It is a gathering of sports enthusiasts who come together to watch and cheer for their favorite teams or athletes.

  • For example, “The atmosphere at the sporting event was electric with the crowd’s cheers and chants.”
  • A sports fan might say, “Attending a live sporting event is a thrilling experience that can’t be replicated.”
  • A spectator might comment, “The sporting event had intense moments and nail-biting finishes.”

39. Conference

A conference is an organized event where experts, professionals, or individuals with a common interest gather to share information, insights, and ideas on a specific topic or industry. It is an opportunity for networking, learning, and staying updated with the latest developments in a particular field.

  • For instance, “I attended a conference on technology trends and learned about the future of AI.”
  • A participant might say, “The conference had informative sessions and engaging panel discussions.”
  • An attendee might share, “I made valuable connections and expanded my professional network at the conference.”

40. Retreat

A retreat is an event or getaway that provides individuals with an opportunity to relax, recharge, and engage in activities that promote well-being. It is a break from the daily routine and a chance to focus on self-care, personal growth, and mindfulness.

  • For example, “I went on a yoga retreat to unwind and reconnect with myself.”
  • A participant might say, “The retreat had meditation sessions, nature walks, and workshops on holistic healing.”
  • A retreat-goer might share, “The retreat allowed me to disconnect from technology and find inner peace.”

41. Workshop

A workshop is an event where participants engage in practical activities and exercises to learn new skills or gain knowledge in a specific field. Workshops are typically interactive and provide a chance for participants to actively participate and apply what they learn.

  • For example, “I attended a photography workshop where we learned different techniques for capturing portraits.”
  • A participant might say, “The workshop on leadership skills was very informative and helped me develop new strategies.”
  • Another might recommend, “If you’re interested in learning how to code, I highly recommend attending a coding workshop.”

42. Seminar

A seminar is an educational event where a speaker or a panel of speakers present information, insights, or research on a specific topic. Seminars are usually more formal and structured compared to workshops, and they often involve a larger audience.

  • For instance, “I attended a seminar on climate change and its impact on the environment.”
  • A participant might ask, “Are there any upcoming seminars on digital marketing?”
  • Another might share, “The seminar on personal finance provided valuable insights on managing money effectively.”

43. Summit

A summit is a meeting or conference where leaders, experts, or representatives from various fields come together to discuss important issues, make decisions, or collaborate on specific goals. Summits often involve high-level discussions and can have a significant impact on policies or global events.

  • For example, “The G7 Summit brings together leaders from the world’s largest economies to discuss global issues.”
  • A news headline might read, “World leaders gather for climate change summit.”
  • Another might say, “The summit on artificial intelligence explored the future implications of AI technology.”

44. Trade show

A trade show is an event where companies and organizations from a specific industry gather to showcase their products, services, or innovations. Trade shows provide an opportunity for businesses to network, attract potential customers, and stay updated on industry trends.

  • For instance, “The annual tech trade show featured the latest gadgets and innovations.”
  • A participant might share, “I attended a trade show for the fashion industry and discovered new clothing brands.”
  • Another might recommend, “If you’re in the food industry, you should definitely exhibit at the upcoming trade show.”

45. Networking event

A networking event is a social gathering where professionals from various industries come together to meet and establish connections for career or business purposes. Networking events provide an opportunity to expand professional networks, exchange ideas, and create potential business opportunities.

  • For example, “I attended a networking event and met several influential people in my field.”
  • A participant might say, “Networking events are great for building relationships and finding job opportunities.”
  • Another might share, “The networking event had a relaxed atmosphere, making it easier to approach and connect with people.”

46. Product launch

A product launch refers to the event or ceremony held to introduce a new product to the market. It often involves showcasing the features and benefits of the product to potential customers or clients.

  • For example, “Apple’s product launch for the latest iPhone was highly anticipated.”
  • A company might organize a product launch to generate buzz and media coverage for their new offering.
  • Attendees at a product launch might receive exclusive access to the product or special promotional offers.
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47. Team-building activity

A team-building activity is a planned event or exercise designed to improve collaboration, communication, and cooperation among members of a group or team.

  • For instance, “The company organized a team-building activity to strengthen the bonds between employees.”
  • A team-building activity can be as simple as a group game or as complex as a multi-day retreat.
  • Examples of team-building activities include trust falls, problem-solving challenges, and outdoor adventure courses.

48. Flash mob

A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform a brief and often choreographed act, and then disperse quickly.

  • For example, “A flash mob surprised shoppers in the mall with a synchronized dance routine.”
  • Flash mobs are often organized through social media or online platforms to create a memorable and entertaining experience for both participants and onlookers.
  • Popular flash mob activities include dance routines, singing performances, and freeze mobs.

49. Block party

A block party is a community event held on a residential street or block, typically organized by the residents themselves. It involves closing off the street to traffic and setting up various activities and entertainment for the neighbors to enjoy.

  • For instance, “The annual block party brought together families from the entire neighborhood.”
  • Block parties often include food, music, games, and other forms of entertainment.
  • They provide an opportunity for neighbors to socialize, build connections, and strengthen the sense of community.

50. Fete

A fete is a lively and festive celebration or party, often held outdoors. It typically involves music, dancing, food, and various forms of entertainment.

  • For example, “The town organized a summer fete with live music, food stalls, and carnival games.”
  • Fetes are often organized to commemorate special occasions or holidays, such as a village fete or a school fete.
  • They provide an opportunity for people to come together, have fun, and enjoy the festivities.
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51. Gathering

A gathering refers to a social event where people come together for a specific purpose, such as a party or meeting. It can be a casual or formal event.

  • For example, “We’re having a small gathering at our place this weekend. Would you like to join?”
  • A person might say, “I attended a gathering of artists and musicians last night. It was a great opportunity to network.”
  • Someone might ask, “Are you going to the company gathering next week?”

52. Function

Function is a slang term used to refer to any type of event or gathering, often with a specific purpose or agenda. It can be used to describe both formal and informal events.

  • For instance, “I’m attending a work function tonight. It’s a black-tie event.”
  • A person might say, “The charity function raised a significant amount of money for a good cause.”
  • Someone might ask, “Are you going to the school function this weekend?”

53. Concert

A concert is a live music performance by one or more artists or bands. It can refer to any genre of music and can be held in various venues.

  • For example, “I went to a rock concert last night. The band was amazing!”
  • A person might say, “I have tickets to a jazz concert next week. I can’t wait to hear the music.”
  • Someone might ask, “Have you been to any concerts recently?”

54. Launch

A launch refers to the introduction or release of a new product, service, or event. It can be used in various contexts, such as a product launch, book launch, or event launch.

  • For instance, “The company is planning a launch event for their latest smartphone.”
  • A person might say, “The author had a successful book launch with a book signing event.”
  • Someone might ask, “Are you attending the album launch party tonight?”

55. Opening

An opening refers to the first public showing or performance of a play, movie, exhibition, or any other type of event. It can also refer to the official start of an event or establishment.

  • For example, “The movie had its opening last night. The theater was packed with excited fans.”
  • A person might say, “The art gallery had its grand opening, showcasing the works of local artists.”
  • Someone might ask, “Did you attend the restaurant’s opening? The food was delicious!”

56. Tournament

A tournament is a competition where participants compete against each other in a series of games or matches to determine a winner. Tournaments can be held in various sports or games.

  • For example, “The tennis tournament attracted top players from around the world.”
  • In a discussion about esports, someone might mention, “The Dota 2 tournament had a prize pool of over $30 million.”
  • A fan of chess might say, “I’m excited to watch the World Chess Championship tournament.”

57. Celebration

A celebration is a social gathering or event held to commemorate a special occasion or achievement. It often involves joyful activities, such as dancing, singing, and feasting.

  • For instance, “We threw a big celebration to mark our team’s victory.”
  • During New Year’s Eve, people often attend celebrations with fireworks and champagne.
  • A birthday celebration might involve a cake, presents, and singing “Happy Birthday.”

58. Rave

A rave is a large dance party characterized by electronic music, energetic dancing, and a vibrant atmosphere. Raves are typically held in warehouses, clubs, or outdoor venues and are known for their high energy and unique subculture.

  • For example, “I went to a rave last night and danced until sunrise.”
  • A fan of electronic music might say, “I love the energy and community at raves.”
  • Someone might ask, “Do you know of any raves happening this weekend?”

59. Fling

A fling refers to a brief, casual romantic or sexual relationship. It is often characterized by its temporary nature and lack of commitment.

  • For instance, “They had a summer fling while on vacation.”
  • In a discussion about dating, someone might say, “I’m not looking for anything serious right now, just a fun fling.”
  • A friend might ask, “How did your fling with that person go?”

60. Hullabaloo

Hullabaloo is a slang term used to describe a noisy disturbance or uproar. It refers to a chaotic or tumultuous event that attracts attention or causes commotion.

  • For example, “There was a hullabaloo outside the concert venue when the doors opened.”
  • During a protest, someone might say, “The demonstrators caused quite a hullabaloo.”
  • A parent might describe their children’s playtime as a “hullabaloo of laughter and noise.”

61. Jubilee

A jubilee is a special celebration or event that marks an important anniversary or milestone. It is often associated with festivities, joy, and commemoration.

  • For example, “The town celebrated its centennial with a grand jubilee that included a parade, live music, and fireworks.”
  • A person might say, “I’m hosting a jubilee to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.”
  • In historical context, “The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria marked her 60th year on the throne and was celebrated throughout the British Empire.”

62. Hoot

To have a hoot means to have a great time or to enjoy oneself immensely at an event or gathering. It is often used to describe a lively and entertaining experience.

  • For instance, “We had a hoot at the concert last night. The band was amazing and the crowd was really into it.”
  • A person might say, “The party was a hoot! There was dancing, laughter, and non-stop entertainment.”
  • In a review of a comedy show, one might write, “The comedian had the audience in stitches. It was a hoot from start to finish.”