What Does AS Mean In Slang & How To Use It

What Does As Mean In Text, Tiktok and Social Platforms

Adult Swim

“AS” in texting, chat, TikTok, or Snapchat can mean “Adult Swim.” Adult Swim is a programming block on Cartoon Network that airs shows intended for mature audiences.

As for how to respond to it, it would depend on the context of the conversation. If someone brings up Adult Swim, you could respond by asking which shows they like to watch on the block, or by sharing your own favorite shows from Adult Swim.

Here’s an example of a conversation between two friends

Friend 1: “Hey, did you see that new Adult Swim show last night?”

Friend 2: “Nope, I missed it. What was it about?”

Friend 1: “It’s a show about a group of scientists who accidentally shrink themselves. It’s pretty wild.”

Friend 2: “Sounds interesting, I’ll have to check it out. What time does it air?”

In this example, Friend 1 brings up Adult Swim and Friend 2 shows interest in the show mentioned by Friend 1, and ask for the airing schedule.

What does As mean from a guy

It’s not clear what “AS” specifically means when used by a guy as it could mean many different things depending on the context. However, “AS” can be used as an acronym for various phrases such as “As Soon As” or “Adult Swim”. Without more information, it would be impossible to say whether he likes or hates Adult Swim or is using it as an acronym for something else.

As for how to respond, it would depend on the context of the conversation and the tone in which “AS” was used. If you are unsure of what he means, you can ask for clarification.

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Here’s two examples of conversation using “AS” with different meanings

Example 1

Girl: “What are your plans for the weekend?”

Guy: “AS, just hanging out with friends”

“AS” here means “As Soon as”, meaning he will be hanging out with friends as soon as possible

Example 2

Girl: “What do you like to watch on TV?”

Guy: “AS, I love Adult Swim”

Here AS means Adult Swim, he is expressing he likes to watch Adult Swim show.

Hope this gives you a better idea of different meanings of “AS” and how to respond accordingly.

What does As mean from a girl

“AS” from a girl can have multiple meanings depending on the context of the conversation and the tone of the message. It is difficult to say exactly what “AS” means without more information about the situation. In some contexts, it may mean “Adult Swim”, a programming block on Cartoon Network that airs primarily during the late night/early morning hours, but in most cases when used in text and messaging “AS” is not used to convey that meaning.

It’s impossible for me to know what a girl’s specific intention is with the use of “AS” in a message. The way someone uses language and the context in which it is used can vary greatly. However, I suggest that you start by trying to understand more about the context and conversation in which the message was sent. If you’re unsure what the message means, it’s best to ask the person directly.


Girl: AS?

Guy: What do you mean?

The girl is using “AS” in an abbreviated form to ask a question. The guy is seeking clarification by asking what the girl meant.

Girl: AS!

Guy: What’s up?

The girl is using “AS” in an exclamatory form, which could express she’s excited or something important is happening. The guy is trying to understand the situation by asking what’s going on.

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