What Does Forbidden Pre Workout Mean in Slang & How To Use It

Forbidden Pre-Workout Meaning In Text, Tiktok and Social Platforms

“Forbidden Pre” or “Forbidden Pre Workout” is a slang term that refers to the practice of using emotional turmoil, such as heartbreak or despair, as a source of motivation for working out in the gym. It has gained popularity on TikTok and other social media platforms, particularly among young adults and teenagers.

The key to using the “Forbidden Pre Workout” is to channel negative emotions into a positive outlet and to push oneself harder in the gym in a healthy and productive way. It is important to note that this term is often used jokingly and should not be taken too seriously.

What does Forbidden Pre-Workout mean from a guy

From a guy’s perspective, “Forbidden Pre Workout” may mean that he is using memories or personal items from a past relationship, such as text messages or notes, as a way to push himself harder during a workout. It may indicate that he is channeling negative emotions such as heartbreak or despair into a positive outlet. In terms of a romantic relationship, it is difficult to say whether he likes or hates you based on this term alone. It’s best to communicate directly with him to understand his intentions.

Example 1:

Girl: Hey, I saw your post about “Forbidden Pre Workout” on TikTok, what does that mean to you?
Guy: It’s just a way for me to channel my emotions from a past relationship into my workout and push myself harder in the gym.

Example 2:

Girl: Hey, I heard you talking about “Forbidden Pre Workout” with your friends. Does that mean you’re thinking about your ex?
Guy: No, not really. I just find it helpful to use memories from the past as motivation to push myself harder in the gym.

In the first example, the guy is explaining his perspective on the term “Forbidden Pre Workout” and how he uses it in his workout routine. In the second example, the girl is asking if the term is related to thoughts of his ex, and the guy is clarifying that it is not.

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