What Does IG Mean In Slang & How To Use It

What Does Ig Mean In Text, Tiktok and Social Platforms

I guess

“Ig” can mean “I guess” in texting, chat, TikTok, or Snapchat. It is a shortened version of the phrase “I guess” and is used to indicate that the speaker is uncertain or hesitant about something.

If someone uses “Ig” in a message to you, you can respond by either agreeing or disagreeing with their statement. For example, if someone says “Ig we should hang out later,” you can respond by saying “Yeah, that sounds good” or “I’m not sure, what do you have in mind?”

Example conversation

Friend 1: “Ig I’m gonna go to the mall later, wanna come?”

Friend 2: “Sure, what time?”

Friend 1: “Ig around 3?”

Friend 2: “Sounds good, see you then”

In this example, Friend 1 is uncertain about the time they want to go to the mall and asks Friend 2 if they want to come along. Friend 2 agrees to go and they plan to meet at 3 PM.

What does Ig mean from a guy

“Ig” can have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. When a guy says “Ig,” it could mean “I guess” or “Instagram,” depending on the context of the conversation. It is difficult to tell if a guy likes or hates you based on this one word, you should consider the whole conversation and context for a more accurate understanding of what he means. It would be best to directly ask the guy what he means by “Ig” if you are unsure.

Example 1

Girl: “Do you want to hang out tonight?”

Guy: “Ig, I have plans already.”

This means the guy is uncertain about hanging out, but he’s making it clear that he already has plans.

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Example 2

Girl: “What’s your Instagram handle?”

Guy: “Ig: @username” This means the guy is providing his Instagram username.

In both examples, the guy is using “Ig” in a different way to communicate different meanings. In the first example, it’s used as “I guess”, and in the second example, it’s used as a shorthand for “Instagram.”

What does Ig mean from a girl

“Ig” can mean “I guess” or refer to the social media platform Instagram. Without more context, it is impossible to know for certain what “Ig” means from a girl. If you are unsure of the meaning, it would be best to ask for clarification.

It is also not possible to determine whether a girl likes or dislikes you or if she is trying to make a move based on the use of “Ig.” It would be best to communicate directly with her to understand her intentions.

Example 1

Girl: “Ig, I’m going to the mall later, want to come?”

Guy: “Sure, let’s go!”

In this example, “Ig” is used to mean “I guess” and the girl is asking the guy if he wants to go to the mall with her.

Example 2

Girl: “Just posted a new pic on Ig, go check it out”

Guy: “Okay, let me take a look”

In this example, “Ig” is used as a shortened version of Instagram and the girl is asking the guy to check out a new picture she posted on the social media platform.

In both examples, the girl is trying to initiate an activity or interaction with the guy, but it is not possible to know for certain what her intentions are without further communication.

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